Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Robin Swoboda Leaving 95.5 The Fish

We hinted at this earlier in OMW, when someone found a help wanted ad for a co-host of Salem Cleveland CCM WFHM/95.5 "The Fish"'s morning show. And though we have NOT confirmed this, it now appears that co-host Robin Swoboda is leaving the station.

Swoboda is exiting the "The Fish"'s morning show for - from what we hear - family reasons. This could be related to her husband's recent pursuit of a high school football coaching gig, and the need to take care of their kids. A personal note from OMW - kudos to Robin for acting truly in the spirit of the "family friendly" station.

Swoboda is a well-known face in Cleveland, as she was formerly a news anchor at both WEWS/5 (ABC) and WJW/8 (then CBS, now FOX). Her husband, for those who don't remember, is former NFL punter Bryan Wagner. A recent newspaper article chronicled his drive to get into school football coaching.

And a trivia question delivered and answered: When she first came to Cleveland from Miami, Robin Swoboda was known as Robin Cole. Her new local TV bosses in Northeast Ohio urged her to use her given name Swoboda, to appeal to the more ethnic Cleveland market.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...Thanks for getting it right! I am leaving the Fish August 19th...it seems those three children of ours have no other way to get ready and off to school! (The thought of hiring a stranger to do it just seems...well, strange!!) They're all going to a new school with a starting time of 9 a.m. Bryan's school (he's a teacher) starts at 7:45.

Look for me to pop up here or there every once in awhile...just not at the expense of the children!

Anonymous said...

that was stupid of me. obviously i didn't mean to be "anonymous" if i'm writing in the first person about myself...but apparently since i don't have a blogger account i can't have a name.

robin swoboda wagner