Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Battle of The Local Weathercasters

OMW's been bouncing between WJW "FOX 8" and WOIO's "19 Action News" this afternoon (yes, we're gluttons for punishment on that last part), and we're noticing that both stations' weather anchors are predicting vastly different weekend forecasts.

Local veteran forecaster Dick Goddard on FOX 8 calls for a high of 58 on Saturday, 55 on Sunday, with a 40% chance of rain Friday night into Saturday, and 30% Saturday and Saturday night. Yesterday, FOX 8's forecast called for a high of 60 on Saturday, 52 on Sunday, and what looks like a chance of rain on Saturday. The video capture of that forecast is still on the FOX 8 website, so we bring it to you here:

Over on 19, former high school basketball Jeff Tanchak says it'll be as high as 66 on Saturday, 56 on Sunday, and has "taken the rain" out of the forecast, though he acknowledged on the air that there could be a SLIGHT chance of rain over the weekend. On Tuesday, Tanchak's forecast was calling for low-50's and a chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday.

(Unfortunately, the 19 Action News website doesn't have the graphics that we can grab and use in this entry.)

Both forecasts note a breezy to windy condition.

Now, if we had a horse in this race, we'd be at the betting window for Dick Goddard. No offense to Jeff Tanchak, but as noted in the item below, Dick's been forecasting Northeast Ohio weather for over 40 years. At this point, he could probably do a block by block forecast. We'll see who wins this one, on Monday...

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Purple Raider said...

I'd be betting the rent, car payment, maxing out my credit cards, looking for spare change under the cushions, and cleaning out the bank accounts to make a bet on Dick Goddard.

Block by block? Try house by house.