Friday, December 16, 2005

Howard's Last Day and Cleveland

OMW has audio of Howard Stern's last live over-air broadcast, an event which has been hyped beyond belief, as it aired on Cleveland affliiate WNCX/98.5 this morning. We haven't listened to much of it yet, but we note that Howard did mention the area.

In his opening speech, Howard asked his audience if they remembered some seminal events in the show, including when his live national broadcast from Cleveland was cut off by an engineering employee of a WNCX rival, rocker WMMS/100.7. The broadcast event in 1994 was a "funeral celebration" by Stern, a typical event over the years on his show...when his show overtakes a rival in the ratings. (In this case, the "burial" involved not just WMMS, but Cleveland morning radio icon John Lanigan on WMJI/105.7.)

This flashback article by FMQB recounts the tale. A quick Google search shows that the former WMMS engineer was sentenced to 10 days in jail and a $1000 fine for the incident.

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth takes over mornings on the CBS Radio Cleveland classic rocker, and a number of other large market ex-Stern affiliates, on January 3rd. One of the other Stern replacements is CBS alt-rock WXTM/92.3 morning driver Rover, who'll move to "Free FM" talker WCKG/Chicago in January...still being heard on 92.3 locally, which means Cleveland will be the only head-to-head Stern Replacement Battleground in America.

SATURDAY UPDATE: We've been informed by a few people that WNCX has indeed been promoting the "Best of Stern", which will air between Monday and the premiere of David Lee Roth in the 98.5 morning slot. And though we hadn't noted it elsewhere in this blog, "CBS Radio" is indeed the new corporate name of the former Infinity, which is splitting off from Viacom.

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Speaker of Truth said...

'NCX has made it a point that it will carry the ''Best of Stern'' programming thru January 30th..

Also interesting to note that it was one of the first stations to actually start running Roth promos..liners actually..which Stern squaked about earlier this month..and were pulled in favor of a tribute spot that ran frequently during Howard's show..

Still to watch is what happens to Howard's carts..since K-Rock is going digitial with the ''Free FM'' format next month..Infinity has no use for the sound effects carts..but won't let Howard have them..

Also noted, during the first hour of Howard's last show on Friday, was that CBS had ordered the Stern show to gather everything from the studio and their offices on Saturday..seems David Lee Roth wants a window in the former Stern Studio..which means walls have to be ripped out to make it happen..