Thursday, May 29, 2008

We've Been Away

First of all, an apology. We haven't really been around lately, and we haven't updated since a week ago.

As we said some time ago, this blog will be updated on our own, personal schedule. It's been kinda busy lately, and we are coming up for air.

If you'd like to be freed of the need to keep checking this blog just to see nothing new, feel free to plug our XML/RSS feed URL into your newsreader or browser. Most modern browsers, including current versions of both Internet Explorer and Firefox, support this as "live bookmarks" or something of the like.

Here it is:

You'll then be able to have our updates "come to you", either when you load up your browser for a new session, or when your news feed reader refreshes.

Another on-topic update will come your way soon. Of course, judging from our hit count lately, it may only be read by a few of our closest friends.

But we only have ourselves to blame for that, and since we don't "depend" on hits for anything (we don't do advertising, etc.), it's no big deal to us...


74WIXYgrad said...

I'm sure that when you post something of particular interest, those of us that check this blog on a more than regular basis will noise it about on the message boards. If it has to do with a local story gone national, like Asa Coon, then I give a story and link to you on my blog.

WERC alum said...

It takes only a few seconds each day to check for updates.

I still feel it's worth the effort to look in about once a day.