Monday, June 30, 2008

Chuck's Moves

OMW hears that long-time reader Chuck Matthews is keeping busy these days.

The former Cumulus talk WTOD/1560 Toledo programmer has picked up more work for his voiceover business - from a WTOD competitor.

We hear Chuck has been signed up to do voiceover and imaging work for crosstown newly-minted talk WDMN/1520, and sister LPTV MyNetworkTV outlet WMNT-CA/48 "My 48/58".

We also hear he's been doing work for a new small local ad agency based in suburban Perrysburg, and continues to search for his next full-time radio stop.

Could signing up Mr. Matthews for voiceover/imaging mean that WDMN is making a serious run at the Toledo talk market?

The station has basically had limited imaging in the past - well, if you count an occasional "Dominion 1520 JAMZ!" liner. And the frequent airing of "My 48/58" promos on 1520 include what sounds basically like a non-on-air type voicing the tags.

Just by sending an ID or liner or two, Chuck could instantly make the station sound like a player...


Todd said...

I heard on the Dennis Miller show today that 1520 WDMN just picked up his show. He welcomed the new Toledo listeners.

Anonymous said...

There are only so many reputable Perrysburg ad agencies. I would hope that the Suburban Agency that he's doing work for doesn't exist in the basement of a condo at Levis Commons.

Chuck said...

Nope, not in the basement of a condo in PBurg