Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Tony Bruno Empire

Various trade reports say that Premiere's Fox Sports Radio is about to add another separately syndicated show to the FSR lineup.

Reportedly next on the shopping list for FSR is late night host Tony Bruno, in a deal which would add his program to the FSR lineup as the network did with the other host syndicated by the Chicago-based Content Factory, former ESPN host Dan Patrick.

The move - first noted on sports blogger and former Columbus sports radio staffer Brooks Melchior's "Sports by Brooks" - would bump FSR late night host "J.T. The Brick" into overnights.

And it would mean no change in the 10 PM-1 AM (ET) slot for local Fox Sports Radio affiliate WARF/1350 in Akron.

Like it has in various previous incarnations of its sports talk format, WARF already carries Bruno's syndicated program. As we've mentioned here before, Bruno has been with a number of sports radio networks and syndicators over the years, and AM 1350 in Akron has carried each one of his national efforts.

WARF also carried Patrick from his separate Content Factory syndication deal, starting when the station was carrying Sporting News Radio otherwise. When WARF took FSR from cross-town Media-Com mini-station WJMP/1520 Kent/Akron/The Moon/Atlantis, no schedule changes were needed from 9 AM to noon at WARF.

WJMP, of course, later picked up a large chunk of the Talk Radio Network syndicated conservative talk lineup as "TalkRadio 1520", proudly serving portions of western Portage County and some nearby areas...

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