Friday, September 18, 2009

Si, V-me

No, you're not imagining it if you're an over-air digital TV viewer...the folks at Kent-based public TV outlet Western Reserve PBS have grown another digital subchannel. For now, at least.

Now airing on WEAO/49.4 Akron (and we assume WNEO/45.4 Alliance) is "V-me", a Spanish-language channel. We'll let the "V-me" folks explain it in English:

V-me (pronounced veh-meh), is the first national Spanish-language television network presented by public television stations. V-me, a 24-hour digital broadcast service carried on basic digital cable in major markets across the country and nationally via satellite, represents a new network and media community for US Latinos.

V-me (from the Spanish veme, meaning see me) entertains, educates and inspires families in Spanish with a youthful, contemporary mix of original productions, exclusive premieres and acquisitions, and popular public television programs specially adapted for American Latinos.

Our friends at Western Reserve PBS tell us that the actual debut of "V-me" is scheduled for mid-October.

We assume that its presence now is an early preview/test...much like the pubcaster did before it added MHz Worldview to 45.3/49.3...

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