Thursday, October 01, 2009

COLUMBUS LISTENERS: We need to confirm that the new 102.5 Columbus market signal is on-air today...let us know if you're hearing it!


Matt said...

coming in clear up here in NW Columbus on my receiver at home with just a wire for antenna.

Anonymous said...

102.5 sounds good, with full stereo, all the way up Ohio 315, along Sawmill Rd. and into Powell. WCVZ does poorly Downtown near the 10TV tower, as all rimshots do, however part of that reason is that the 102.3 repeater is still on and is spewing static on 102.5. Of course, it's a clear day ... so the jury's still out. We'll see how well the signal travels on a cloudy day.

Another oddity is hearing Zanesville advertising, Zanesville weather and Zanesville PSa'S while tooling around Columbus. I actually hope they stick around as a Zanesville-operated station.

Anonymous said...

You've mentioned before that you don't think they'll stick around as a Columbus-operated station. To which I say: WHY NOT? I can't imagine they have a lot of debt service, unless upgrading WHIZ-TV to digital busted the budget. Why not roll the dice and try to replicate what the old locally-based broadcasters like Nationwide and Great Trails used to do? They would absolutely stand out from the crowd.