Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday's Pile

We have a lot going on this start of the week, so we might as well go on.

Please note: our publishing schedule will still be quite sporadic, and there are days we may not be able to be here. We'll try to keep our Twitter feed going whenever possible...

THE 3001 EUCLID SHUFFLE: If this is February 8th, it must be time for the 3001 Euclid Anchor Shuffle.

More than any station in the Cleveland TV market, Scripps ABC affiliate WEWS/5 keeps rotating its anchors in and out, trying new combinations, or generally "seeing what works".

The station has its first permanent anchor schedule since long-time anchor Ted Henry left the building nearly 9 months ago, and here it is:

Noon: Leon Bibb (solo)
5 PM/Live on Five: Danita Harris and Lee Jordan
6 PM: Leon Bibb and Lee Jordan
11 PM: Danita Harris (solo)

"Good Morning Cleveland" - with anchors Pete Kenworthy and Kimberly Gill - is unaffected.

At most stations, there's at least a "main anchor team" doing either 5 and 11 PM, or 6 and 11 PM, or all three newscasts. WEWS appears to want to mix it up.

With the 11 PM anchor slot solo, Danita Harris becomes the second African-American female solo anchor in the market...with Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3's Romona Robinson the first, of course...

INCOMING?: OMW hears that Local TV Fox affiliate WJW/8 "Fox 8" is looking to fill the opening left behind when popular Melissa Mack headed for Boston, and a gig at CBS O&O WBZ/4.

A Northeast Ohio native, who currently toils in the Grand Rapids MI market, was spotted at South Marginal auditioning for the role over the weekend. (We'll assume she, or whichever weathercaster WJW hires, will take her place as a part of "Fox 8 News in the Morning", and cover similar duties.)

Stay tuned...

FIRST UP: occupy the vacated Clear Channel talk WKBN/570 Youngstown morning drive chair this week is Mike Romigh.

Yes, that's the long-time former host at CBS Radio news/talk KDKA/1020 Pittsburgh, where now-former WKBN morning drive host Robert Mangino has landed in the evening slot.

Since leaving "KD", a quick Google search tells us that Romigh has been working for a Beaver County PA congressman, and for an economic development group based in the suburban Pittsburgh county.

OMW hears that Romigh is among those who are "up for the job", and no final decision has been made...and we don't know who will be heard in the WKBN morning slot after him...

PIONEER PASSES: There's actually a long history of Spanish-language radio in the Cleveland market, though only two non-commercial rimshot stations (Painesville's WHWN/88.3 and out-past-Lorain's WNZN/89.1) broadcast in the language full time. A number of local educational and non-commercial stations, and even commercial stations, have had such programs on weekends.

A pioneer in Latino-focused broadcasting in Cleveland has passed away.

The Plain Dealer's carries the obituary for Daniel "Junior" Vargas, who died last month at the age of 71:

Junior was Cleveland's finest voice of Latino Radio on WZAK & WCSB for over 40 years. Your music will play forever!

An OMW reader tells us that Mario Ivan Benavides succeded "Junior", and that he now broadcasts "Latino International" on WCSB...

NYLA FOUND: OMW hears out of South Marginal that an apparently well-liked former presence on WJW's "Fox 8 News in the Morning" has a broadcast home.

After some time out of the media light, "Nyla" is now heard on Radio One talk/brokered WERE/1490 Cleveland Heights "NewsTalk 1490" Sunday evenings from 6-10 PM, on a program the station's schedule calls "Healing The Hurt Gospel With Miss Nyla And Daniel".

(The schedule actually has the show running until 2 AM Monday mornings, which we presume is a repeat of the live 6-10 PM airing.)

We hear that Nyla still gets E-mails at South Marginal, wondering what happened to her, so there you go...


Capedog said...

Danita will need a wardrobe update before going solo against Ramona on Channel 3

Whatevernews said...

Capedog you are so ignorant. I hate it when people pit black women against other black women. Actually it's nice to see two black women anchoring in this market period. To judge someone based on your "perceived" value of their clothing highlights your inability to think intelligently. I'm sure Ramona would not appreciate the fact that you believe her success is due to her taste in clothes as opposed to her intellect. By the way WEWS 11pm beat WKYC 11pm in the November book. That doesn't make Ramona horrible or Danita great. How about the fact that STATIONS compete not PERSONALITIES! So really think before you spew out idiotic statements like a wardrobe makes a difference. I like them both and I'm proud of both of them. By the way I'm a white male before you write next that I must be some brother from the hood. Backoff of Ramona and Danita and get a life!

Capedog said...

I’m not disrespecting either anchor. Danita Harris cannot dress. That's a fact. Ramona is an amazing anchor and a true talent. Danita Harris cannot hold a candle to Ramona in talent and style. It is what it is. As far I’m as ratings are concerned. Channel 3 fell behind due to NBC and the Jay Leno mess. Race has nothing to do with this issue.

Whatevernews said...

Again, you have justified your position as the poster child for ignorance. If it were Sharon Reid and Ramona I guess you would say Sharon doesn't wear ENOUGH CLOTHES!! I guess if I looked in your closet I would see Versace and Dolce & Gobana. How shallow of you to base someones talent or capability on clothes. I don't think Ramona would want a fan like you who is obviously hung up on materialism. Do you ever watch the news for information? No, YOU probably don't. You watch the news to judge people based on things that don't matter. And guess what? Neither one of them are thinking about you when they go to the bank!!! Your so called fact is in reality an opinion. Capedog,go take a bath...your fleas are contaminating this site. And FYI I think Sissy Schaefer outdresses, andhs 20 times more talent that Ramona!! Since you want to go there! Sissy beat Ramona hands down on her worst day!

nickdawg said...

How sad, looks like there's now no longer any good 11pm news in Cleveland. WOIO's 19 Action News is 19 Action News. I gave up on WKYC entirely after they started that pathetic single anchor format. And now WEWS is dumb enough to take the weakest on air personality in the entire market and let her solo anchor the 11pm news.

Forget about their clothing, how about focusing on how both of them are just awful, period. The only reason why either one lasted as long as they did is Tim and Ted. Now that the strong lead anchor is gone, the weakness shows, especially at WEWS.

And before you go pulling some whiney imaginary racism attack on me, I happen to like Kimberly Gill. I think WEWS is incredibly stupid for not putting a strong anchor like her on their evening news.

dnalevelc said...

"Healing the Hurt Gospel" is in fact a full 8 hour program. There is no repetition of earlier hours.

-WERE's Production guy

The Seventh & October Empire said...

Y'all chill. I am a black man, and Capedog is correct...he is not being don't flip that card. Image is everything on tv news. Back in the day, Danita dressed sharp--even when she was still in DC, and when she was at tv 5 on her 1st stint. Now, she dresses down (it happens sometimes to folk), and her style has become dated and worn. I noticed that when I was home this Christmas.

This is not a racial deal folk...just watch and you'll understand. And by the way, just because you like Danita, you don't just drink the kool-aid full tilt until you take your rose colored glasses off first. Remember, to stay relevant in tv news, you gotta appeal to the demographics...if you turn them off, or don't appeal to them--it's curtains. That's just the cruel, cruel reality of this business. And with the tv news product in Cleveland starting to suck like its some small market, this is the wake up call we need to hear instead of being complacent and behind the times like we are doing....

The Seventh & October Empire said...

This Danita "style" situation has also prompted me to raise another issue about the quality of our news market here in an overall sense.

It seems to me that our local news product is becoming garbage slowly and surely. I don't know if it because of cut-back, or mergers, or not retaining quality talent here...IDK.

But it disturbs me when Indianapolis stations whoop our butts in the local emmys each year (and they are a smaller market). It disturbs me when smaller market stations in Pittsburgh, Miami, Cincinatti, Milwaukee,Sacramento,Orlando, Portland, Baltimore etc. are taking risks--and ratcheting up the style and substance up a notch, why we stay comfy and complacent here, and our news image begins to suffer and look dated (as our city suffers). Take a look on youtube and look at Pittsburgh stations, they're quality is way above ours. We need to get with it in C-town. For our news product, profile and image is a shell of what it once was, and this, for a city who has put major tv talent all over the national tv scene for ages?