Monday, March 15, 2010

About Christine

We're still "away" from the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) for the most part, though we'd been planning a comprehensive update sometime soon.

Since we've been actually sitting on this one since mid-February, and are now getting questions on it from readers, we'll let this item free early.

Yes, Scripps Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS/5 has a new meteorologist. From a station memo released about a month ago:

Christine Ferreira will join the Good Morning Cleveland team as Meteorologist. Christine comes to Cleveland via Portland, Oregon where she spent three years forecasting mornings for KOIN-TV. Prior to that, Christine was the Chief Meteorologist at KATU-TV in Victoria, Texas, where she guided 24-hour coverage of Hurricane Rita.

Christine is a graduate of Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania and is looking forward to moving back east to be closer to family in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Christine will start at WEWS on March 1, 2010.

That, she did, and the second question is - what happened to incumbent "GMC" weather anchor Jason Nicholas?

Though he isn't on "GMC" anymore, he's still at 3001 Euclid - at least as far as we know. Though it's hard to tell with vacations and such, we believe Jason will land on the weekend editions of "NewsChannel 5".

This item on last week still lists Nicholas as part of the "NC5" weather team:

Ferreira joins Good Morning Cleveland news anchors Kimberly Gill and Pete Kenworthy and Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson and meteorologist Jason Nicholas.

Then again, it was freelancer Eileen McShea we saw one recent weekday evening, subbing for Mark Johnson, not we don't know how the lineup is now set...


scenegrabber said...

Interesting. She worked for KOIN at the same time as News Director Lynn Heider, who led the WEWS newsroom for a time before she went to Jacksonville, then Portland. Wonder if a possible recommendation from Lynn led to Christine's hire here to be closer to family in Pa. If so, it's further proof what a "it's-who-you-know" business that broadcasting is.

lakewoodbaker said...

Management has turned 100 times since then, so highly unlikely Heider pulled any weight.

paint_horse_angel said...

I'm not liking the direction that Newschannel 5 is heading. I don't care for their new meteorologists Christine Ferreira or Eileen McShea. Both of their voices and personalities grate on my nerves.

If a meteorologist is moved to the weekends, that doesn't bode well for their future. Jason being bumped to the weekend spot (although I haven't seen him on) means he will probably be gone's happened in the past, such as Jeff Mackle. I like Jason and Mark, and if they leave, then my viewership is gone as well, and I have been watching that channel for over 15 years.

metgirl said...

I like Christine and think they needed a third meteorologist to keep them from going crazy with the hours, but I will stop watching channel 5 if Jason leaves. His personality is one of a kind and he is good at what he does. Taking Jason away would be a big mistake for WEWS.

metgirl said...
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