Sunday, June 26, 2005

WCER/Canton Picks Replacement For Michael Savage

Looks like it didn't take religious/talk WCER/Canton long to find a replacement for TRN's Michael Savage, having lost the show due to exclusivity rights for CC's WHLO/Akron.

WCER is airing promos for Jerry Doyle, who takes the 12-3 PM slot on the station starting Monday. The station didn't have to go far to get him...he's another TRN talker...

Jerry Doyle's Website

It appears Jerry is live 4-7 PM ET, so by the time WCER gets to him, he'll be nearly 24 hours old. ;)

Akron market talker WNIR recently started carrying Jerry Doyle's show in the weekend overnight hours (12-2 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning). WCER also carries another WNIR weekend replay host, WW1's Bill O'Reilly.

In case you're wondering who this guy is, here's a snippet from his TRN bio. He might be recognized by science fiction TV fans:

"Doyle is best known for playing the character of Michael Garibaldi on the Emmy Award winning TV series Babylon 5. In July of 1992, Doyle shot the pilot for Babylon 5, and in 1998, completed his 110th episode of the hit series landing Doyle on the cover of TV Guide Magazine."

UPDATE (6/27/05): WCER did indeed start playing TRN's Jerry Doyle this afternoon, though with a guest host filling in for Jerry. Their on-air imaging has changed a little, with liners - at least during the station's talk shows - emphasizing the talk content.

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