Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Studio 3" Exits at WKYC/3, "Good Company" Enters

OMW happened to be watching WKYC's midday magazine program "Studio 3", which is hosted by Cleveland TV veteran Fred Griffith and WKYC morning weather anchor Hollie Strano.

They noted on the air today that this is the last week for "Studio 3", and that starting next week, a new midday show called "Good Company" will air from 10 AM to 11 AM. From the description, it sounded like an expanded version of "Studio 3", and we'll assume that Griffith will host it as well... as he pointed to himself while talking about the new show. Undetermined - the status of WKYC's 11 AM half-hour newscast, and what program will replace "Studio 3" in the 11:30 AM slot...

UPDATE: We've been pointed to a Plain Dealer article a while back, which confirms all of the above. The popular Strano won't be aboard due to workload issues, and joining Griffith will be "Average Joe" contestant and occasional "Studio 3" contributor Michael Cardamone, along with producer Andrea Vecchio...who will continue to contribute entertainment reports for the new show. WKYC swipes back "Access Hollywood" from WBNX/55 for the 11:30-noon slot. We apologize for missing this one, as OMW doesn't subscribe to the Pain Plain Dealer.

(If WKYC can pick from the Reality TV tree for talent, maybe a Pittsburgh station will pick up the likeable Matt Kennedy Gould, the original "Joe Schmo" [Spike TV] back a few years ago? While we're not big reality TV fans, aside from being obsessed with CBS' smart "The Amazing Race", the Pittsburgh-area native is a good guy and was fun to watch...but we digress. If you miss MKG like we do, try to endure Bravo's current "Battle of the Network Reality Stars" long enough to catch him... he was certainly enough to get us to endure Spike TV back then.)

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TAlexander said...

The Plain Dealer reported earlier that "Good Company" will be a one-hour local talk at 10:00am. It will replace "Life & Style", which was cancelled due to low ratings.

Fred Griffith will host the show along with Andrea Vecchio and Michael Cardamone ("Average Joe 2"). Hollie Strano, however, won't be be part of the new show. She was taken off to reduce stress.

Channel 3 is doing this to bring viewers to its midday news (which is doing really bad in the ratings) and its local talk show. Both have been struggling for two years.

"Good Company" isn't the only new addition to the Channel 3 midday line-up. The station will also add "Access Hollywood" and "Starting Over" to the block.

The new line-up:

10:00am "Good Company"
11:00am "Channel 3 News Midday"
11:30am "Access Hollywood"
12:00pm "Starting Over"

Hopefully they will do well.