Friday, November 04, 2005

The WSPD Job Is Filled

There's a new voice coming to town in Toledo, and it's not former WMAL/Washington talker Michael Graham.

Radio & Records Online (along with AllAccess and other trade publications) reports that it's veteran talker Brian Wilson who has taken the WSPD/1370 afternoon drive slot. And in addition to replacing Denny Schaffer on the air, Wilson also takes the program director slot opened when Al Brady Law left for KTRS/St. Louis. Wilson is reportedly "on the ground" in Toledo doing off-air work already, and will start his show in a couple of weeks or so.

OMW hears that Graham is setting his sights further east than Toledo, and may end up in a large market in the Northeast Corridor at some point in the next couple of months...

Wilson has worked at WBAL/Baltimore, KSFO/San Francisco and had a stint at WABC in New York the final years of its "Musicradio" stint, and a bit into the talk format which followed it. He's been spending most of the past few years doing vacation fill-in for talk radio stations across the country, as a part of a business he formed specifically to do that work.


Anonymous said...

Actually Ross and Wilson (Ross Brittain, now doing mornings for Infinity's Oldies WOGL 91.1FM in Philadelphia and the aforementioned Brian Wilson) stayed with WABC after the flip to talk radio - the only program the station retained. By the end of musicradio77, they weren't playing much music any way - mostly doing a comedy-talk show.
Reportedly, the two did not get along and left the station. WABC lured them back again a few years later after floudering with other hosts.
The two never did as well apart as they did together.
It's a shame Brian ends up in Toledo. I mean Philly is not New York, but Toledo is not even Philly.
But for one brief shining moment, these guys ruled morning radio in the Big Apple - beating such legendary morning guys as the I-man, Big Wilson and John Gambling.

Anonymous said...

You're off on Brian's history in NY. He and Ross went to WABC and were the only hosts who stayed through the flip to talk. Then, Ross left (he didn't like doing the format) and Brian stayed for about a year more.

Brian went back to NY to Z100 to be paired up w/Brittain on the Z Morning Zoo when Scott Shannon left.

I also disagree with your characterization that ...the two never did as well apart as they did together. Brian's done very well for himself in talk, working at KSFO/SF for more than 3 years, WRC/Washington and with his Vacation Relief business -- the first person to fill-in via ISDN for talk stations.

And while you say "Toledo is not even Philly" keep in mind that Wilson is BOTH PD and talk show host. You don't just get a PD's gig in Philly and be on the air. It seems a wise choice at this stage of his career to be both management and on-air talent. If Toledo is the first place he can do that, then more power to him.

firebird said...

Interesting that Brian is taking over for Denny Schaffer, who is now at WGST in Atlanta. Brian was the afternoon host at WGST from 1990 to 1992, the post that is now held by "The Kimmer" who has been there since April 1992.