Monday, October 29, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: WKYC's Mark Nolan Moves From Weather To News

Now, here's a switch that doesn't happen every day.

WKYC/3's "Director's Cut Blog" reports that station chief meterologist Mark Nolan is hanging up the umbrella and leaving the weather center. But he's not leaving 13th and Lakeside - as he moves a few feet over to become co-anchor of the morning "Channel 3 News Today"...filling the position vacated by John Anderson, who just started his new job today on Philadelphia FOX O&O WTXF/29's morning show.

A WKYC release quoted in Frank Macek's article says Nolan will move to the anchor desk "late next week", and that sister Gannett station WBIR/Knoxville TN anchor Abby Ham comes to the Digital Broadcast Center to take her place alongside him as co-anchor.

Back in the Channel 3 Weather Center, Betsy Kling will "fill in" during the station's evening newscasts, with part-timer A.J. Colby taking weekends...


chuck said...

Congrats to Mark Nolan! A class act. I had the privilege of working with Mark when he still did on air at WMJI. Great guy. Good luck Mark!

dave said...

I believe this weakens the staton. Nolan was gaining real traction as the "default" weathman to turn to as we all wait for The Legend's Announcement.

His was the market's to have and to hold.

The two part timers strengthens WKYC in no way in this department.

Sometimes weather-to-morning host is NOT a promotion. I believe this to be the case.

Mark Nolan was set to become the mainstay anchor for decades at the weather desk for Cleveland, Ohio.

Then again, perhaps this is not what he wanted. I do not know.

But he was in position.

vanillacokehead said...

I'm kind of mixed about this news. I agree with dave that this weakens the weather reporting overall at WKYC.

This kind of reminds me of when Don Webster was tabbed to co-host with Wilma Smith on WEWS' "Live on Five" back in the 80s.

I also wish that Barbara Gauthier had been tabbed as co-anchor.

Both Betsy Kling and A.J. Colby are good but neither is strong enough, at least yet, to be a main weather anchor in this market.

How about this: bring on Bruce Kalinowski, who was dumped in favor of Jeff "Frat Boy" Tanchak at WOIO, as chief meterologist at WKYC?

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fayfare said...

I agree with some of the other posts in the regard that I thought Mark Nolan was a solid and believeable weather forecaster who had credibility and was likeable. His style seemed to fit in with the rest of the personalities on Channel 3. I do not know who would replace him, but Cleveland television seems to have a revolving door of weather forecasters switching between stations. With Dick Goddard at some point retiring, there would seem to be an opportunity for someone to step foreward in the market. I would not be suprised if at some point Mark returned to the weather forecasting duties. Regardless, I wish him luck.

lisa said...

Nolan is a true star on the him...he'll be moving into Al Roker's position before we know it...I eagerly watch his climb.

Charles said...

Betsy Kling should get the permanent night position. She is highly intelligent, a good communicator, and absolutely gorgeous!!!
Mark Nolan is a good personality, so he should be very good anchor material. I am not completely sold on Abby yet. Carole Sullivan would have been great with Mark.