Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Menu

And this time, we have one item that makes our use of the word "menu" in the title of this - literally...

NEW SUMMIT MUSIC DIRECTOR: There's word that Akron Public Schools-owned AAA WAPS/91.3 "The Summit" has brought in a new music director.

She's Liz Mozzocco, who's been programming Cumulus AAA outlet KBXR in Columbia, MO, along with co-hosting the station's morning show. Various trade reports say Mozzocco has been at the Columbia station for 13 years.

Liz also coming in to cover the on-air position of nights at "The Summit", though we are guessing that it'll probably be voicetracked in addition to her music duties...

BIG ED: Another syndicated liberal talk host is making a personal appearance in Columbus.

Bernard Radio/Cowtown Communications outlet WVKO/1580 is announcing a live broadcast by SuperRadio/Dial Global's Ed Schultz on Friday, August 22nd.

As might befit a talk format with a lot of connections to local unions, the broadcast is scheduled for - let's see here - the "Plumber’s and Pipefitter’s Local 189 Union Hall". In case you're neither a plumber nor a pipefitter, the address is listed as 1250 Kinnear Road in Columbus.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 on the day of the show.

Schultz will broadcast two live shows - his regular Dial Global syndicated show from 12-3 PM, and an earlier local/regional show (9-noon) based at KFGO/790 Fargo ND, Schultz's long time home base. Schultz at one point stopped doing the KFGO local show - called "News and Views" and syndicated to stations in that region - but returned to the role after KFGO was bought from Clear Channel by its former-and-again local operator.

Of course, his Dial Global (ex-Jones) counterpart, Stephanie Miller, made an appearance in Columbus for WVKO some time ago, though she did not mount a live broadcast while in Columbus...

EAT AT BOB'S: WNIR/100.1 "The Talk of Akron" afternoon drive host Bob Golic is getting into the restaurant business.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Joe Crea reports that Golic is involved in a sports bar and restaurant planned for Cleveland's Warehouse District. "Bob Golic's Sports Bar & Grille" is set to open in the next few weeks at 1213 West Sixth Street.

Pete Bosinger, who'll be the operating partner for the Golic venture, tells Crea that he's hoping the new sports bar and restaurant - bearing the name of the popular former Cleveland Browns defensive star - will be similar to Chicago's "Harry Caray's", a landmark bearing the name of the long-time late Chicago Cubs broadcaster.

And speaking of broadcasting...from the article:

As for the atmosphere and other fun stuff, expect to find 20 big screen TVs, a draft beer system featuring at least 15 to 20 specialty drafts and local brews, as well as a radio transmission area where Golic can do live broadcasts.

Since we're talking "live broadcasts" and Golic's home station of WNIR here, there's no word on if that means that the "radio transmission area" will actually be a tiny phone booth with a really bad phone...


itstodd said...

Ed's North Dakota show also airs on KFYR Bismarck and KCJB Minot...FYI

Ohio Media Watch said...

Yeah, I made the wording clearer on that, and wasn't sure if his return to "News and Views" was indeed regionally syndicated.


-The Management