Friday, August 29, 2008

TWC: OSU Big Ten Network Saturday Game In HD

Time Warner Cable's Northeast Ohio division has announced that this weekend's Ohio State Buckeyes game on Big Ten Network will indeed air locally in high-definition.

The contest between the Buckeyes and the Youngstown State University Penguins will air Saturday at noon on HD digital channel 433.

A TWC Northeast Ohio press release on the subject is reprinted below:


Time Warner Cable To Offer OSU Game
In High-Definition on Channel 433

Akron, OH (AUGUST 2008) – Time Warner Cable customers will be able to watch this Saturday’s Ohio State University football game in high-definition on channel 433. This announcement follows yesterday’s news that Time Warner Cable will carry the Big Ten Network in standard-definition on channel 77 and 333.

Time Warner Cable will also offer customers an additional Big Ten Network channel that will air out-of-market games when an in-market game is on at the same time. That channel will be located at 334. This Saturday, the out-of-market game will be the University of Akron versus the University of Wisconsin, at 12 noon, the same time as the Ohio State game.

More information on channel lineups can be found at or through the on-screen guide.

In addition to this weekend’s Ohio State University game versus Youngstown State, Big Ten Network is also scheduled to broadcast the September 20th Buckeyes game against Troy University.

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DF said...

TWC as of 4:20 PM ET has not activated the Big Ten Network in the former Comcast area in Lorain County. The channel is on -- but it is very snowy and you can only hear it. That's on channel 77 with our expanded basic package.

DF said...

Following up to comment #1, TWC activated the Big Ten Network in the Lorain County Comcast area around 5:20 PM ET. Too late for the Ohio State game, though. I'm one disappointed Buckeyes fan.

vanillacokehead said...

In the Akron area, TWC activated BTN on analog channel 77 sometime this morning - and sometime between 11:00 and 11:30 added the primary and secondary feed channels (333 and 334) to the digital boxes.

I was sweating just a little before the YSU-OSU game.

df, sorry TWC didn't flip the switch earlier for y'all...

Ed Esposito said...

Watched both the OSU-YSU and UA-UW games on the digital tier of TWC Western Reserve...swapping back and forth after noon.