Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Joe The Talk Show Host

There had been some recent speculation that a name from the 2008 presidential campaign was eyeing a possible career in talk radio.

But enough about now-former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. This isn't about her.

The Northwest Ohio man forever immortalized on the 2008 campaign trail as "Joe The Plumber" is making an attempt to become "Joe The Talk Show Host" in his local radio market.

The Toledo Blade reports that Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, known to the entire world as "Joe The Plumber", could have a career in conservative talk radio ahead of him...the same medium which largely championed him as a hero after his on-site questioning of then-Democratic candidate-now-President Barack Obama at a Toledo area event turned "Joe" into an icon in the campaign.

The Blade reports that Wurzelbacher (can we just call him "Joe"?) sat in as a guest host on Clear Channel talk WSPD/1370's "Eye on Toledo" early evening show, which has been without a regular host since local political figure Maggie Thurber left.

(Yes, WTVN/610 Columbus weekend "Radio Deli" host and OMW reader Dirk Thompson, we know you've filled in during the WSPD 6-7 PM time slot after Thurber's departure.)

Quoting "Joe" in the article by the Blade's Florence Dethy:

“Just because I’ve become Joe the Plumber, do not believe I’ve become a millionaire,” he impressed upon listeners as the hour came to a close.

“Notoriety does not necessarily mean a big bank account — the reason I’m doing this is because I want my son to have the same opportunities I had.”

Dethy writes further:

Mr. Wurzelbacher opined on everything from the health-care debate to the Cash for Clunkers program and called on all Americans to get involved in the tea parties being held nationwide.

Despite the fill-in by Joe The Would-Be Host and Dirk The Columbus Host, the WSPD online schedule now shows Citadel Media syndicated host Mark Levin's program starting at 6 PM.

But for WSPD program director/afternoon drive host Brian Wilson and Clear Channel Toledo market manager Andy Stuart, this could be a publicity train that would be very, very hard to resist...assuming "Joe The Host" can reasonably acquit himself as a radio talk personality for one early evening hour a day for a very receptive audience.

Quoting the article:

Based upon how smoothly things went last night, the station may decide to make Mr. Wurzelbacher a permanent member of the conservative station’s team.

“There’s a possibility radio and WSPD could be part of his future,” Program Director Brian Wilson said.

That sounds like a program director who's just waiting to E-mail the press release to the national media, doesn't it?

We'd be shocked if Wurzelbacher didn't get at least a brief run as "Joe The Talk Show Host".

Oh, and this isn't "Joe"'s first notable attachment to talk radio, aside from being a frequent guest on such programs during the campaign.

His mere presence on the campaign trail, and in the news, was enough to get Citadel talk KGO/San Francisco CA weekend evening host Karel Bouley hot and bothered enough to scream curse words into a live remote microphone from his Long Beach CA studio during a network radio newscast.

That got Mr. Bouley, unaware at the time that the foul language was being broadcast, dumped from his KGO job...


emery_r said...

Pathetic. Just pathetic. How come this guy's 15 minutes of fame haven't expired yet? (Didn't really deserve even 15, IMHO...)

andrew727 said...

Joe The Plumber and Sara Palin - does the word 'garbage talk' mean anything to anyone. I agree with Emery. Joe and Sara's 15 minutes should be up. My own feeling is Sara is now the ultimate media whore! Come to think of it, she wasn't much of a governor.

- Andrew, -

Ohio Media Watch said...

We've published the comments so far, but a gentle reminder:

OMW is not a political forum.

"He'd be a great/awful/mediocre/thrilling host" - that's fine.

The "15 minutes" comment? Fine.

But any comments that turn this into a rehash of the 2008 presidential election, or a printed version of talk radio, will not be published.

Oh, and tone things down, please.

Please keep that in mind in your future comment submissions. Remember, we're not automatically publishing comments at this time.

-The Management

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

He might be a good host, but his 15 minutes nationally shoulda been up...oh, 7 months ago. JMHO.

As a local host? That's a whole other matter and if NW Ohio wants him, that's fine.