Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Site Issues: Comment Moderation

Effective immediately, all comments will be subject to moderation by your Primary Editorial Voice(tm). They will not be posted until they are specifically approved.

No, it's nothing you said.

You can blame "Vince", or "Julie", or whatever name our resident comment spammer has been going by this week. He/she/they/it have/has been leaving roughly a half-dozen to a dozen comment spams each morning, pushing some sort of scam linked in the signature file of the messages.

And it's now added "spam cleanup" to our duties here at your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm), which doesn't make it much fun.

Now, we realize that in general, talking to comment spammers is about as effective as addressing drywall directly.

But some of "Vince"'s attempts at spamming contain references to the topic at hand, and possible knowledge of the world of Ohio broadcasting. (His cross-dressing side, "Julie", hasn't displayed that knowledge yet.)

So, maybe he's here reading, preparing to post a link to his latest scam on one of our comments.

Don't bother, "Vince".

With comment moderation, your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) will be the only one who reads your attempts...which will hit the bit bucket as soon as we click "Delete", and will not be seen by anyone else in the interim.

And no, we're not interested in your spam blogs. Even if you wear a pretty dress and call yourself "Julie".

As far as actual, real comments are concerned...we will do our best to post them without interference, as quickly as we are able to do so.

And we don't expect the full moderation to last all that long...


andrew727 said...

Thank-you for blocking the spammers Vince and Julie from your site, although they seem to show up from time-to-time in my mailbox - their comments make me feel they had not done too well in elementary school grammer courses. In any case OMW, thanks!

- Andrew, MALL727.net -

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

I had to go to comment moderation as well, OMW... it was, however, a far different reason.

I probably will keep the moderation in effect based on this post.

david5258 said...

oa--sorry to hear you needed to bring moderation back on comments.unfortunately the internet is far from secure, and spammers do attack many sites. i appreciate the education you bring to the media world for the professional as well as the interested observers. thank you. david

vincentr said...

It is odd that both "Vince" and "Julie" are former reporters from WKSU...but this is the first I've heard of the spamming. It wasn't me.

Vincent Duffy
Michigan Radio

Ohio Media Watch said...


As far as I can tell from here, the comment spam has no connection with you or your fellow former WKSU staffer...even as an attempt to use your names in some way.

The broadcast-related content in "Vince's" replies was basically just a rudimentary reply or two, to whatever item was spammed.

-The Manangement

Ed Esposito said...

Glad to hear it wasn't Vince D from MI...was worried he was working a side job...

The Old Man said...

Some of us read ya because y'all got the troof WRT NEO radio. That would be me..No prescence in the business, just curiosity.