Monday, December 07, 2009

The Dreaded H-Word

Officially: OMW will be on hiatus until further notice. We have no idea when we may return, and we may be gone the rest of the year.

Don't worry about your Primary Editorial Voice(tm)....we're fine, and will be back and raring to drive the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) at some point.

But unlike most of our World Famous Hiatuses, it will take something pretty big to put an update here in the next while. And as last we checked, Dick Goddard and Joe Tait aren't going to call it a career any time soon. (Yes, that's the level.)

For example, we are hearing, but have not confirmed, of a very high-level off-air departure at one of Cleveland's major radio clusters. We won't be following that, but when you see the news on the AllAccess Net News scroll tomorrow...yes, that's the one.

Please keep in touch. We'll still have access to your E-mail, and still be "watching" the media scene in Northeast Ohio. Big news might hit our Twitter account, which is mirrored on the left hand side of this scroll.

But don't "expect" anything in the coming weeks, as far as regular updating or following media news stories. We're coming into the holidays, and would be away at times, anyway.

We'll be back, and better than ever, soon. Take care of yourselves and your families...


J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Don't even worry about the blog, OMW. Take care of your personal life first, then when that's squared away, come back and get back at it.

Take it from someone who had a scare involving his family 2 weeks ago (though I have no idea what you're up against)... sometimes, professional life, even blogs about media, must go on hold to take care of Real Life when it Intervenes (tm by you). Good luck, and if you don't make it back before 2010, happy holidays from us down here at Tri-State Media Watch.

Ed Esposito said...

Nothing tops real life -- adios computer, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and the rest too!