Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Quick Update: There She Goes, Here We Are

We're around, though still attending to vital, off-blog business for a while. We've got a couple of items kicking around for a more general update by Friday morning, more than likely.

In case you missed our Twitter update on the status of now-former Local TV Cleveland Fox affiliate WJW/8 morning/weekend meterologist Melissa Mack:

WJW's Melissa Mack to CBS O&O WBZ/4 Boston as weekend meteorologist and environmental reporter starting 1/2010

The primary reporting on this came from the blog Boston TV News, where Michael Page first started tracking down news of Melissa Mack's new Boston TV home. Page got confirmation from a WBZ-TV official.

Quoting Page's update:

WBZ has now confirmed that Melissa is headed for their airwaves early in January 2010. Station spokeswoman Ro Dooley-Webster tells me, “WBZ-TV has hired a new Weekend Morning Meteorologist. Melissa Mack will be joining the station on January 4, 2010. In addition to her weekend duties, Melissa will be reporting on environmental issues and filling in during the week.”

This means Melissa will take the place of current weekend morning meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski and will report on issues much like Mish did before her departure from the station earlier this year.

The move is not just a move up in market size for Melissa, from Cleveland (#18) to Boston (#7), for a relatively similar job.

As noted in our tweet above, WBZ-TV is not just a CBS's a CBS O&O.

If Melissa Mack has any thought in the future of "going network", a top-10 market station owned by the network would be a decent place to be.

And of course, until fairly recently, WJW itself was owned by its network, Fox...though the spotlight is much brighter in a market the size of Boston...

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Derrick M. said...

I am a little bit surprised that you missed the biggest story of the day for this area.

Hell must have frozen over, because our friend Kaiser Bill is seeking to take RTV 35 digital.

Thanks to Trip for posting this information over in the AVS forum.

As I can pick up 35 from my location one mile east of the Rolling Acres tower farm in Akron, I would be glad to see this station go digital on DT-16.