Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another Grab Bag

Here's a bit of OMW Tradition for you in this changing time...a midweek grab bag post:

CBS RADIO CLEVELAND'S NEW BOSS: The Cleveland CBS Radio cluster officially has its new market manager, to replace the unceremoniously-dumped Chris Maduri.

A copy of the memo announcing the new market chief happened to float its way to the OMW World Headquarters:

I am thrilled to announce that Steve Carver has been appointed SVP/Market Manager for CBS Radio in Cleveland.

Steve is a terrific manager and broadcaster with nearly 30 years of local market leadership experience in radio, television, on line and newspaper.

Steve is a proven winner and we’re ecstatic to welcome him back to CBS where he began his career.

For the past 11 years, Steve has worked for The Tribune Company where he was Publisher, President and CEO of The Hartford Courant newspaper (2006-2009); General Manager of WATL-TV in Atlanta (2003-2006) and General Manager of WGN Radio in Chicago (1998-2003). During his years in TV, Steve continued to oversee radio as well.

Prior to joining Tribune, Steve was a veteran CBS guy where he served as VP and General Manager of WBBM in Chicago (1993-1998); Vice President & General Manager of WOGL FM/AM in Philadelphia (1989-1993) and also served as GSM, LSM, NSM and an AE at WCBS in New York. He also was a rep for then owned CBS Radio Spot Sales.

Frankly, Steve has done it all and is widely known as an outstanding manager with a track record of success.

Dan, Anton and I are thrilled to welcome Steve back to CBS Radio.

He officially starts today.

I would also like to thank Tom Herschel for his strong leadership during this transition. Thanks to Tom and all your efforts, we are coming out of the gate strong for January and we expect great things from CBS Radio Cleveland in 2010.

Judging from his long track record at Tribune, Carver likely clashed with the wave of former Jacor and Clear Channel executives brought aboard by Tribune chief Randy Michaels, the suburban Cincinnati-based former radio chief at Clear Channel...

CHICAGO THING: A former Northeast Ohio radio personality has become something of a minor media personality in Chicago in recent days, but not due to her on-air work or radio talent.

We've spent a lot of time thinking about this, and we've decided not to summarize the situation or name the personality.

The situation made the newspapers, and admittedly, it - what has been reported as happening - doesn't look good for the former local radio type.

But at this point, it's become a more heat-than-light-fest powered by blogs and whatnot. It's not the kind of story we like to shed light upon, in general. And the incident in question took place in Chicago, and the radio personality no longer works in this region. (It's not the first time we've not noted a similar story for that reason - lack of relevance to the area.)

We're only putting this up here because more than one reader has called our attention to it, and we're sure to get more requests or E-mails in the coming days...

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