Friday, January 25, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: WDOK Announces New Trapper Jack Co-Host

CBS Radio Cleveland AC WDOK/102.1 "Soft Rock 102.1" has filled the open chair left by the departure of long-time morning drive co-host Robin Benzle.

The station has announced that Terry Moir will join "Trapper Jack and the Morning Show" starting Monday, January 28th.

Quoting the station's official release:

“Terry’s energy and passion for our business surpasses most that I’ve worked with over the years,” says Christopher Maduri, Senior Vice President and Market Manager for CBS RADIO’s four Cleveland stations. “Her talent and creativity are limitless and we are all confident that her joining Trapper and News Director Jim in the mornings will entertain our Greater Cleveland listening audience for years to come.”

Trapper Jack added, “Terry is such a positive person that she lifts every room she walks into. She’s fun, funny … and I’m absolutely thrilled she wants to come play with us.”

As she's a radio novice, you might be wondering...Terry WHO?

Moir is the Director of Programming and Sales Marketing for Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3, a job she's had for 10 years...after an 18 year stint at Scripps ABC affiliate WEWS/5.

And she'll still be WKYC's programming boss. She's not leaving 13th and Lakeside, according to the WDOK release:

Joining the ranks of individuals like Ryan Seacrest and Whoopi Goldberg who host morning shows on radio and then continue their day elsewhere, Terry will also continue in her position at TV-3.

We'll have any more as we find out...


Adam said...

As a long-time listener, it still makes me sad each morning that I listen to hear that Robin is gone for no good reason other than apparently Maduri's personal decision. Terry also has a lot of life experience to share, but she isn't Robin, and the show just isn't as "smart" to listen to in the morning without Robin's take on the events of the day.

WERC alum said...

I lament that unqualified people are routinely put on the air in a market this size.

This is, apparantly, no longer seen as a "profession". No on-air, radio experience, education or background is needed to be on the air in Cleveland, merely energy and a sense of fun.

And the refernce to Secrest and Goldberg is laughable, at best, and certainly irrelevant.

schwartz55 said...

What a collassal mistake this was to dismiss Robin Benzle. Just which genius over there thought that this was actually a good idea, anyway? Why fix something that wasn't broken? Robin is the reason they were #1 with women. How could they just take her away from us like that? She is still very much missed, by me and everyone I know that listened to her every morning. None of us (and there are MANY) will listen to WDOK any longer. It's just not the same without Robin. period. What fools!

Lynda said...

I hate the show now that Robin is gone; I am no longer listening. It is blah with no personality. I am now listening to other stations trying to decide what will be my new drive-time show. What a terrible mistake to let her go - I hope someone else picks her up.

Joanna said...

I still love the morning crew. I look forward every morning to staring my day with Trapper and his cohorts. All the negativity makes me very sad.