Monday, January 28, 2008

Losing Tony - The Third Time

UPDATE: WARF has already posted a new schedule, with 1-4 PM host Dan Patrick moving to a new live clearance from 9-noon, and new SNR addition "The 2 Live Stews" airing from 1-4 PM...both changes starting next Monday...


Clear Channel sports talk WARF/1350 Akron "SportsRadio 1350" could be the only sports radio station in America which has lost talk show host Tony Bruno for the third time.

Via AllAccess: Sporting News Radio has officially announced Bruno's departure from the network's midday slot - retroactively to his last show on January 18th.

Bruno will reportedly remain with the network for "special projects" the next couple of months, but he's done his last radio show for SNR. AllAccess reports that weekenders Bob Berger and Bob Stelton, along with evening host Arnie Spanier, are among the fill-ins until a permanent decision is made on Bruno's time slot.

And yes, Akron's 1350 has aired Bruno's national radio show in all of its incarnations.

The station was "ESPN 1350" when Bruno aired on ESPN Radio, and the then-WTOU picked him up again with its network change to FOX Sports Radio.

Of course, 1350 then flipped to liberal talk as "Radio Free Ohio", but returned as a sports station with Sporting News Radio - by then, Bruno's new radio home.

All three times, Bruno left his network employer while he was airing on 1350.

What's next...the "Sports Byline" network?


Anonymous said...

Tony Bruno was the only thing SNR had going for it.

I miss the days of Bruno on FSN Radio in the mornings with Andrew Siciliano...then Kiley and Booms in the aftnernoons. Chuck Booms is now doing morning drive for a station in Springfield Missouri (Is he living there or doing it from Cleveland?)

Steve Czaban has been a solid replacement for FSN radio - he's got the most entertaining show going in syndicated sports talk radio (IMO).

Struke said...

Dave Stein's morning show is brutal. It is not caller-intensive. Incredibly slow paced for morning drive. I think SNR fired Dave Smith, who was much more thought-provoking that David Stein.

I miss driving to work hearing Mark Patrick on Sports followed by Tony Bruno and then it was Kiley and Booms with Czaban on the nightshift. That was a good lineup!