Monday, March 10, 2008

Hanging In There

Yes, this is one of those "unannounced hiatuses" we alluded to in our recent update about the state of this site.

We're only resurfacing to let you know that, though we always appreciate your updates, we're already aware of:

* BAS Broadcasting flipping new acquisition WLEC/1450 Sandusky from sports, last week, to oldies/standards/whatever you call the ABC Radio-fed "Timeless Favorites" music format.

* The announcement that long-time WYTV/33 Youngstown weather anchor Stan Boney will be moving to the news side as co-anchor on "33 News", now run by crosstown WKBN/27-WYFX/17-62 owner New Vision Television.... (March 17th is the date quoted in the press release)

* Anything else we forgot to list here

Again, we always want the updates, but for the next while, it may be a long time before (or if) we post them.


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johnstonteam said...

Local Columbus blogger Rick Minerd reports that former WCOL morning man Wes Hopkins died this past week at age 81. I believe Hopkins spent time in Akron and Cleveland prior to his arrival in Columbus.