Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Leftovers

UPDATE 8:21 PM 3/18/08: A name fix and another update below:


In media news not involving canines in front of microphones, some stuff we need to revisit and update:

REVAMPING TWC: As it turns out, the vast empire that is the Time Warner Cable firmament in Northeast Ohio isn't all "fixed" in a day.

The highly-touted and advertised digital channel realignment at the local cable operator is being done area-by-area over the rest of this month, at least. OMW hears that folks in places like Green (Summit County) and Kent have gotten the new lineup on the digital cable side.

Both areas are part of what the TWC folks call the "legacy" system - Time Warner Cable's original Northeast Ohio footprint before the company merged in the Cleveland-based Adelphia and suburban Cleveland Comcast systems.

Our semi-educated guess: the thinking is that it's easier to make these adjustments on the "legacy" systems, then align the newer acquisitions with them.

A brief touch on the subject on the TWC Northeast Ohio Network's "Ask Time Warner" show last month - we haven't seen this month's show yet - indicated that the company had to do much negotiation to align various programming contracts among the three different parts of the system - legacy TWC, former Adelphia and former Comcast.

It was only after that was accomplished that TWC could move to align the digital lineup. Now, they're dealing with - presumably - various technical issues.

So, hang in there...if you are in those latter systems, the changes are (eventually) headed your way...

REVAMPING WYTV: Just a short time after Parkin Broadcasting's Youngstown ABC affiliate WYTV/33's news operations - run by crosstown New Vision Television/WKBN/WYFX - announced that long-time weather anchor Stan Boney would become a news co-anchor with Angee Shaker on "33 News"...

...Ms. Shaker announced her departure from the station, and from TV news.

The Youngstown Vindicator has more in this March 13th article, where Shaker called her exit from WYTV a "family decision". Her last day at 33 - er...the 27-run-33 newsroom - will be March 21st.

Instead of co-anchoring with her, Boney will solo on the news desk until a replacement co-anchor is put into place...

UPDATE: We're told there's already a new anchor in place to sit alongside Mr. Boney at the anchor desk. We'll update that tomorrow...

REVAMPING SPORTS: Good Karma sports WKNR/850 "ESPN 850 WKNR" Cleveland has a new afternoon sports update anchor.

He's Dave DeNatale, who until now has been sports director at the Lorain County combo of country WOBL/1320 Oberlin and oldies WDLW/1380 Lorain, owned by local broadcasters Doug and Lorie Wilbur.

Dave takes the afternoon spot at Metro Networks vacated by Daryl Ruiter, who moved "in-house" with WKNR and now produces the station's afternoon drive show with Mark "Munch" Bishop.

DeNatale, who warmed up for his stint on WKNR with a play-by-play contribution to the station's MAC basketball tournament coverage, will continue doing Oberlin College play-by-play...

UPDATE: Our apologies to Dave for messing up the spelling of his last name. We were set straight by a friend of Dave who went to Bowling Green State University with him...


Anonymous said...

WYTV-33's website has been down all day, might just be some tech errors but you can't rule out some massive overhaul to make it more like 27 and 17/62's... or maybe they're just saying to hell with WYTV's site.

SB said...

Angee Shaker was probably the best news anchor in the Mahoning Valley. Every day we see more kids who look like they hang out at the mall more than they hang out in the newsroom.

Anonymous said...

That's just part of the dying market that is Youngstown. There's no reason to stay and do news there as the market continues to shrink due to the mass exodus. Youngstown's market has been relegated to a starter market for those fresh out of Journalism school to get noticed and then go to a "real" market for the big bucks.

WERC alum said...

And far too many of those kids go straight from Y'town to places like Cleveland long before they are polished enough for a larger market.

They arrive assuming that this means they've "made it" and don't need any advice from anybody.

The result is amateurish performance in larger markets, and personnel who refuse to improve.

It's even worse in radio.