Monday, March 03, 2008

Another Sign The TWC Lineup Changes Are Soon

We reported earlier about planned changes to mostly-the-digital lineup of Time Warner Cable's Northeast Ohio systems, as channels above 100 will be realigned to a near-identical lineup sometime this week.

The TWC legal notice we quoted from their website said the changes would be "on or about March 4th", which at last check, is tomorrow.

Here's another sign, courtesy of our friend Frank Macek, senior director at Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3, and an item on his "Director's Cut" blog:

ALL Time Warner systems will now carry Weather Plus on Channel 372.

This is effective March 4

Since the item was posted late last week, we'll assume the date - tomorrow - is still the target for the TWC digital realignment.

The new lineups are available in PDF format on the company's website devoted to the restructuring -

The lineups we've seen, for both the former Adelphia systems in suburban Cleveland and the Akron-based TWC systems, show a new entrant - the HDTV feed of local CW Network affiliate WBNX/55 Akron - sitting in the "Local HD Channels" area at 407. We have no word on if WBNX's digital/HD feed will start this week.

The lineups also indicate a separate channel for SportsTime Ohio's new HD feed, which has shared time with FSN Ohio's HD games (Cavaliers, etc.) on the former Adelphia channel 798. STO HD goes 24/7 at the start of the Indians season next month...


Gary Sway said...

Time Warner's HD selection is getting better and the new changes will be welcomed. I'm glad they finally will have The CW HD channel (WBNX). It's about time. The CW's entire primetime shows are in HD. The STO HD channel is also a good move.

csmcgee said...

I've yet to see any changes. I am on the west-side of Cleveland. Are they rolling this out by area or is it a system wide change all at once?

I did see the message on their web site say "on or around March 4", I am just curious as to how this is progressing.


vanillacokehead said...

I agree with csmcgee - I'm in Akron and TWC hasn't changed their digital lineups here yet. I wonder what gives...

Gary Sway said...

From what I understand it will be a roll out of changes over March and April.

From ABJ March 6 report:

The changes will be gradual and continue into late March and early April, depending on where you live.

First up for change were the city of Green, New Franklin, Clinton and small parts of Barberton on Wednesday.

Kent, Rittman and Wadsworth are next, probably the week of March 10, when the cities of Akron and Canton should also see changes.

With all these new signals being sent to your digital cable converter, your DVR may get a headache.

Once your digital lineup has changed, you will have to redo any setup you have to automatically record programs, since those programs' channels may have changed.
-Akron Beacon Journal March 6, 2008