Friday, February 29, 2008

Hey, THERE'S The "Q" in "Q92"!

It took them over five years, but D.A. Peterson Canton market top 40 outlet "Q92" finally has the station's historic calls back.

WDJQ/92.5 Alliance became WZKL in 1992, after a format change to oldies ("Kool 92"). But after abandoning oldies to return to a hit music format, the station wasn't able to reclaim the "WDJQ" calls...since the calls landed on a U.S. Coast Guard ship - the Damon B. Bankston, if you're curious. (And no, the ship wasn't pumping out today's favorite hit music.)

OMW hears the process to get the calls back from the Coast Guard started in 2002, and here we are, five years and change later - "Q92" can now identify itself as WDJQ, again. Though we have no idea why what sounds like a cut-and-dried process to us took over five years...

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Daniel said...

I thought the three letter call signs were reserved for ship to shore communication? If I'm mistaken about that, then what IS the reason you can't get a three letter callsign anymore?