Monday, February 11, 2008

A Million Dollar Big Deal

The announcement promised for today will be put up later this afternoon or tonight.

In the meantime, kudos to a vital local radio effort to raise money for an area hospital.

OMW hears that the annual WKDD/98.1 Akron Children's Hospital "Have a Heart, Do Your Part" Radiothon hit not only a record over the weekend, it hit a milestone.

The folks on Freedom Avenue tell us that the radiothon raised $1,000,760 for the hospital - the only such million-dollar-plus effort in any market below the top 15.

Here at OMW, we have a special place in both our heart and our memory for the local Children's Hospital Radiothon effort. Back in the mid-1970's, it was now-WKDD sister station WHLO/640 (a talk station under Susquehanna ownership) doing the radiothon. And as a young man, your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) volunteered at least twice to help the effort...

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