Monday, February 18, 2008

Your Rover Update

As promised, more on what we're hearing about the apparent departure of WKRK/92.3 "K-Rock" morning doggie Shane "Rover" French from his perch at the CBS Radio Cleveland alt-rocker.

We've heard unconfirmed, but strongly sourced rumblings, that Rover has accepted an offer from a competing station. We don't understand the exact situation, but apparently, Mr. French wasn't under the provisions of a non-compete - as the folks at CBS hoped to sign him to a new contract.

Our "rumblings" are seemingly confirmed by Rover himself, in this blog post on his own website:

Posted by Rover in Untagged

Told the Eye we're gone,

They're bitter we found new friends,

Scared, they yanked us off.


We still have no information about the new destination for "Rover's Morning Glory", or for that matter, if Mr. French has a clear path to that new home.

But at least it would appear that "Rover's Run" at 92.3 is over...the end of a long, strange CBS Radio journey that once saw him touted as one of the successors to Howard Stern, had him leave Cleveland for Chicago, and ended up in a relatively quick and successful return to Cleveland...


Green Machine said...

From what I hear through the grapevine, CBS Radio employees have been asking folks if they prefer Rover in the mornings and Opie & Anthony in the afternoon, or would they like to hear O&A live from 6-9 and either move Rover to afternoons/nights or not have him at all.

This should be interesting when this all plays out.

ron said...

"have fun in florida rover start fresh there, let those folk down there know you and duji are a couple from the getgo. get rid of that fat ass dumb he makes the show ****!!!!!" A comment left on his blog

ron said...

...Or, other rumours have him at MMS

Anonymous said...

He's going to MMS....

yekimi said...

Good, one more reason to hate Clear Channel if they actually hire him for WMMess!

The Squeaky Wheel said...

Glad to see O&A going live in the am...

Bummed that O&A are about to sign a new contract keeping them on FM AND XM. I wish they were back to being XM only, but o-well.

The only bad part is that O&A will no longer be head to head with Maxwell in the afternoons.

I hear Rover is going to another station altogether. Talk of swapping to afternoons did not go over well.

I like Rover. Hope he does not get screwed on this. Would love him to go Afternoons to destroy Maxwell's rating... No more of the fake outrage and hack "AND PUNT" junk anymore, PLEASE!

brittany said...

i love rover,he knows my dad by name everytime he sees him. Rover called me from a concert and appoligized i could not go to the concert. i wish he was still on the radio. when i was having a bad day,just hearing him tolk about random stuff just made me laugh. he made mornings good and worth it to get up in the morning and turn on the radio. they should have just gave him how much he asked for, cause evryone knows the company can afford to put out a little more change.i wish he was still on the radio.

DMA said...

Seriously people, Rover is horrible. Well, actually - Rover is not horrible - but the show is. The chick? She isn't qualified to clean the aisles at a movie theatre. Dieter? Ditto. Jim? His voice can single handedly destroy any radio show. Dumb - actually - is probably the next smart after Rover, ironically.

Every single, solitary aspect of his show has been lifted from Howard Stern - DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS?@! I find it crazy how these young Clevelanders dont know this. And another thing - every "argument" on the show? Manufactured. They are all set-ups. Unlike other shows with real fiction.