Thursday, February 07, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: WDOK's Miller, Ex-Cleveland GM Out In CBS Cuts

Now, it's CBS Radio's turn to downsize.

After other companies have announced massive job losses or budget freezes, the other shoe dropped today on the CBS side of the street...with word of what appears to be a nationwide staff reduction at the company.

AllAccess reports that AC WDOK/102.1 "Soft Rock 102.1" Cleveland program director Scott Miller is out, just days after his station added new co-host Terry Moir to the "Trapper Jack" morning drive show.

Miller is a reader of OMW, and if he has anything to say to us, we'll pass it along. We'll have to assume that hot AC WQAL/104.1 program director Dave Popovich will add the WDOK programming duties to his current job programming "Q104".

Also reported out is CBS Radio's Pittsburgh vice president/general manager Jim Meltzer, a name familiar to Northeast Ohio radio watchers...he once held a similar post for Clear Channel in Cleveland.

AllAccess says his position, and one other sales management position, have been eliminated in the CBS Radio Pittsburgh cluster.

More as we learn more...


yekimi said...

So as I finally weaned myself from listening to the abominable Clear Channel stations and started listening to some of the CBS stations [when I'm not listening to my XM] they start or continue the same downsizing crap as CC. How long before we start hearing the same 60 songs over and over on the CBS owned stations?

Tony Mazur said...

As John Gorman once said, it's sad that terrestrial radio has become entertainment for those who cannot afford iPods or satellite radio.

Thankfully, I have XM also, and besides listening to 3 minutes of a Cavs game, I haven't once listened to terrestrial radio in 2008. Believe me, I want to support AM and FM stations. But if Clear Channel and CBS think downsizing talent is the right move, then they don't belong in business.

So if you excuse me, I'm going to listen to my satellite radio, complete with uncensored content and crystal clear sound quality.

It Said said...

I have both XM and Sirius, which I stream at home..

Other then sports talk radio, the landscape on music radio is beyond bleak..

Sat Radio is doing what terrestrial radio used to do--introduce new music, get you excited about new artists, etc..

Take a look at Artist websites, especially country artists..they aren't promoting anything on over the air radio..but they are promoting their XM and Sirus appearances..