Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Willie Strikes Again

Clear Channel talk WLW/700 and Premiere Radio host Bill Cunningham has managed to make himself the talk of the nation, politically.

You've probably been living under a rock in the past day if you haven't heard of his remarks warming up a Cincinnati audience for an appearance by presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

McCain reportedly did not hear Cunningham taking verbal potshots at Democratic candidate Barack Obama, or his use of the Democratic candidate's middle name (Hussein). But reports out of Cincinnati say the Arizona Senator heard of the comments indirectly from an aide, and distanced himself from what Cunningham said.

We'll touch on this more, Mr. Cunningham barely needs us to give him more publicity. The "Big One" host and host of Premiere's "Live On Sunday Night" has gotten far more attention than from just a small Ohio-based media blog...


chuck said...

Good for "Willie"! Telling it like it is. And it's about time someone mentioned Obama's GIVEN middle name of Hussein.

david5258 said...

bob frantz played clips today from the inaugurals of all the presidents back to ronald wilson reagan followed by george herbert walker bush, then william jefferson clinton and george walker bush. middle names are a fact of american presidential and political life.
have to admit the thought of president barak hussein obama or hilary rodham clinton is a lot scarier than john sidney mccain iii!!!!!!! lol. willie is right on.
david 5258

almigi said...
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almigi said...

Who cares what his middle name is? Vote based on issues and whether or not you truly feel your candidate can do the job. Sheesh.