Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RIP Myron Cope

We'll admit that the first time we heard legendary Pittsburgh Steelers radio voice Myron Cope, we didn't understand why he was so popular over in Western Pennsylvania. Maybe our head-scratching was compounded by the fact that the Steelers broadcast in question was being aired by Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 in Cleveland, on a Browns bye week.

Anyway, no matter if we understood his appeal or not, Myron Cope was a broadcasting icon in Pittsburgh.

Cope died this morning at a suburban Pittsburgh nursing home at the age of 79.

And since OMW nominally covers at least parts of Western Pennsylvania near the Ohio border, we'll add our own "RIP, Myron Cope" here...


74WIXYgrad said...

During the years we didn't have football, this area would get Steelers as well as Bengals games. That was my introduction to that unique, but annoying voice. I'm sure that the Steelers fans have a void in their black and gold world today.

Rest in peace Myron

yekimi said...

I can just hear Pete Franklin now saying "About time you got here, what took you so long? Now, when I last left off I was telling you how superior the Browns are....."

david5258 said...

i used to sell advertising for the steelers ne ohio affilliate, 900 wcer in canton. i learned to appreciate the wealth of football knowledge that myron shared with his listeners. yes his unique voice sounded like fingernails on a chalk board, but myron loved the game, and more important loved people. myron is a legend who actually lived up to his press by being real.--david5258