Thursday, September 25, 2008

Report: Wright Exiting "All Night"

The acquisition of syndicator Jones Radio Networks by mega-syndicator Dial Global has apparently led to the exit of a national radio personality with solid local ties.'s Tom Taylor reports that "Wright All Night" overnight host Danny Wright will be leaving the combined company by December, as Dial Global lets go six staff members at the former Jones Radio operation in Danny's current home city of Seattle. Taylor reports that a D-G spokesman has confirmed Wright's exit. It's not known if Dial Global will continue offering a syndicated overnight country show.

"Wright All Night" has aired locally on Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting country WKFM/96.1 "K96" Huron, which can heard in some of Cleveland's western suburbs.

Dial Global has spent the past few months figuring out the composition of its new universe. Though some have stayed around (Danny's Jones Radio stablemate "Lia" will apparently continue her evening show), other off-air and on-air offerings have been merged, and staffers let go due to duplication between the Jones and Dial Global services.

Though he's been fronting "Wright All Night" for many years now, Danny Wright's biggest radio success other than that comes right here in Cleveland.

Many local listeners spent their younger years listening to "Dancin' Danny Wright" on top 40 WGCL/98.5 "G98" (now CBS Radio classic rock WNCX).

And after stints at WQMX and WKDD in the Akron market, Danny landed at Clear Channel country WGAR/99.5, becoming an afternoon drive mainstay for years and making his mark in the country radio world.

It's there where we actually first met Danny, back when WGAR was still over at Crown Centre at I-77 and Rockside Road in Independence - before it moved just down the street into today's Oak Tree complex.

And though we haven't heard from him in a while, we know he's been an occasional OMW reader. As such, here's hoping the OMW Karma leads him to a new gig...


Tim Lones said...

Never had the chance to meet Danny or hear him often, but he seems to be a class act from what I can see..Good luck to you Danny!

andrew727 said...

Dan, its a funny business as you know. I spent my time working at GCC Communications' WERE AM and WGCL FM when they were located on Chester. It was a little sad to note its now a parking lot. Hang in there, loved your Dancin' Danny Wright days!-)

- Andrew, MALL727net -