Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WMVX Looking For Programmer

When Kevin Metheny was still heading up the cluster programming ship at the Clear Channel World Domination HQ at Oak Tree, he also (eventually) held day to day programming duties at the company's hot AC outlet, WMVX/106.5 "Mix 106.5".

Metheny's replacement, new operations manager Keith Abrams, is now looking to bring on a new program director for WMVX.

Abrams tells

We are searching for a 'been there, won that' PD who is consumed with continuing to grow the ratings, revenue and digital assets of MIX 106.5.

Keith will take E-Mail (without audio) at the usual Clear Channel E-Mail format address, and audio can be sent to him at Oak Tree, of course.

The active search for a separate PD for WMVX brings up a number of questions, considering that one of the five Clear Channel Cleveland market FM stations will be heading for different ownership due to the company's recent ownership change.

But right now, we have no answers to those questions...

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