Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joining the Twitter World

OMW has been continuously updated since June 2005 (give or take a short hiatus or ten), so if you're new here, you're forgiven if you think we've been around forever.

In fact, when announcing the start of OMW on one of the various message boards, we joked that we were "the last on earth to start a blog", and wondered if some household pets had beaten us to the blogging punch.

Fast forward to today, and we wonder if we're the last on earth to Twitter.

Starting our Twitter account today, we think we beat a few cats and dogs to the World of Tweets. Feel free to follow us at, you guessed it, ohiomediawatch. (Or is that @ohiomediawatch?)

From that link, if you're already on Twitter you can click the "Follow" button under our Twitter account name, and that makes it easy.

We promise that you won't be forced to read about our lunch menu or grocery shopping. We'll mainly limit our "tweets" to announcement of new posted items, making it easy for you to know if we have an update here.

We may also throw in occasional random media-related items, links or just thoughts with no place in an OMW update. We're also able to send out mobile updates.

We're still getting the hang of the Land of Tweets.

Like many who didn't dip their toes into the TwitterWater, we were having trouble grasping the concept...but once we were "in", we got it. We could describe our thoughts, but really, just getting in there and watching/updating/responding will bring it into focus much quicker.

So do some media outlets, as we've reported earlier. We've signed up so far to follow many major media outlets: WKYC/3 (wkyc), WEWS/5 (WEWS), WJW/8 (fox8news) WOIO/19 (19actionnews) and Rubber City Radio-WAKR/1590's AkronNewsNow (akronnewsnow). We're still searching for others.

So, welcome to the "next step" in our online evolution. Hopefully, the notification provided by Twitter will help you be able to come back here when we actually have material...


J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Just fyi, I did decide to create a separate account for TSMW...on which I will do the same thing as you plan to do with yours :) it's

Mike Golch said...

since I have you in goole reader,I know when you post something new.I had a twitter account and dumped it awhile back.

74WIXYgrad said...

I haven't started to tweet yet. Seeing I started my blog 14 months after you started yours, maybe I will go to twitter the end of April, 2010, give or take.

vanillacokehead said...

yay! Welcome to the Twitterverse. Just added you to my stream; I'm (gasp!) vanillacokehead. :)

Tim Lones said...

I can assure you You are not the last to "tweet".I am!..LOL! Unless WIXY does..

Morgan Wick said...

I started my blog a year and a half after you did... Not sure if I start twittering earlier (this year) or later (never).