Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Longer A Network

Raycom Media WUAB/43 "My 43" in Cleveland won't technically be a "network affiliate" this coming fall, though it'll still be "My" and still air a slate of prime-time national programming.

The "My" in "My 43", MyNetwork TV, has announced that it'll consider itself a "programming service" starting in the fall, and will reduce its programming hours by two hours, to 10 hours a week. That move frees up Saturday nights to MyNetwork affiliates like WUAB.

And WOIO/WUAB VP/general manager Bill Applegate is apparently quite happy with his soon-to-be-not-a-network's changes.

Broadcasting & Cable's Michael Malone quotes the 19/43 boss in a Monday article:

“We’re very happy about it. Getting Saturday nights back is terrific, the overall inventory spread stays the same, and Law & Order is going to play well here.”

That's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", which will air in the reduced 10 hour MyNetwork TV schedule this fall.

Applegate is one of many MyNetwork affiliate bosses trying to figure out what to put on Saturdays starting in September. Quoting B&C:

Applegate is pondering a number of choices for WUAB. “It presents all kinds of interesting options,” he says.

Some MyNetwork affiliate GMs are considering more sports programming. WUAB has some of that in its rotation already, as the free TV home of the Cleveland Cavaliers (five games a season, simulcast off Fox Sports Ohio) and the Lake Erie Monsters (in rotation with FS Ohio).

Other possible options for MyNetwork stations include slotting off-network reruns in the Saturday evening time slot.

We would have to look into this, but we're pretty sure MyNetwork TV already isn't technically "a network" in the FCC's eyes, due to its limited programming schedule. We're not even sure the FCC considers Fox a "network" under programming hours guidelines...remember, Fox only programs two hours a night Monday through Saturday...

ADDENDUM: Our apologies for the wording there. We're well aware that Fox programs three hours on Sunday, plus NFL, NASCAR and other sports events.

We were only trying to point out that programming one less hour per night vs. the other "Big Four" networks helps Fox not reach the definition of "network" in the eyes of regulators.

Even with its three hour Sunday prime-time lineup, Fox programs one hour less than ABC/CBS/NBC (each with a four hour Sunday night schedule)...


74WIXYgrad said...

Oh boy. Saturday night at the infomercials!

William said...

Monday through Saturday? According to your post that the Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad!, Hole in the Wall does not exist. Or they're are not Fox shows.

Please correct your post. Fox air shows Sunday to Saturday. Three Hours on Sundays. Plus the countless Sunday sports programming on Sundays during the fall-winter seasons. The NFL airs on Fox and NASCAR. How can you make a simple rookie mistake?!

Ohio Media Watch said...

Our apologies for the wording on that item.

What we were trying to call attention to, was the fact that Fox only programmed two hours on Saturdays vs. three hours on the other "Big Four" networks.

We're well aware of the network's Sunday night (and daytime) lineup. We were trying to point out that programming one less hour per day helps Fox slide under the hours that turn it into an official "network" in federal eyes...

--The Management

Anonymous said...

Now if we can just get TPTB (the powers that be) to boost 43's digital signal strength to a point where it is as easy to receive as 19, then Raycom/My/WUAB would really have something.