Monday, May 01, 2006

CBS Radio Joins The HD Parade In Cleveland, Columbus

CBS Radio has announced what formats it will program on the HD2 channels of its local FM stations in Cleveland, Columbus and 14 other markets.

Here's the list for the two Ohio markets, courtesy of AllAccess. (We can't find the press release yet...we'll link to it when it shows up in the usual places.)


Classic Rock WNCX HD2/Spanish CHR
Hot AC WQAL HD2/My HD (interactive all request channel)
Alternative WXRK HD2/Rock/Rap Hybrid

Rock WLVQ HD2/Deep Rock Tracks
Classic Country WHOK HD2/Christian Country
Active Rock WAZU HD2/90s Alternative


It's an interesting list, at any rate...most notably WNCX's stab at Spanish CHR and an "interactive all request channel" for WQAL.

Though it will be limited at launch to a handful of HD Radio owners, the WNCX HD2 format is the first full-market Spanish-language FM signal in Cleveland. (Market-wide coverage, minimal penetration right now.)

Cleveland is a fairly weak market for Spanish-language media... despite being the home of Univision O&O WQHS/61, electronic media forays into Spanish are usually spotty. The last attempt we can remember at full-time Spanish-language radio in the market was a couple of year run at Lorain's WDLW/1380, now the English-language "Kool Kat" oldies sister station of classic country WOBL/1320 Oberlin.

Then again, the whole thing is by its nature an experiment. For at least a year or two (or three?), there aren't going to be many listeners.

In at least two markets, Phoenix and San Diego, CBS Radio will simulcast legendary Los Angeles alt-rocker KROQ. And Q104's "interactive all request channel" will also land in Kansas City, though we don't know if that station (Top 40 KMXV) will simulcast the same HD2 format...

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