Tuesday, May 02, 2006

WSPD Replaces Frantz

As expected, the Toledo Free Press reports that Clear Channel talk WSPD/1370 Toledo has hired a local replacement for its evening "Eye on Toledo" talk show (weeknights, 6-7 PM).

The weekly paper reports that former WNWO/24 "NBC 24" investigative reporter Kevin Milliken took over the slot on Monday.

The local show debuted when the station moved then-morning drive host Bob Frantz into the one-hour evening slot, following the afternoon drive show hosted by new station program director Brian Wilson.

Frantz, of course, recently left WSPD for mid-mornings at Clear Channel Cleveland sister talker WTAM/1100. Milliken will also contribute a column for the Free Press, like his predecessor did...


JimMedina said...

WTAM should replace Frantz also

how can anyone listen to that show?

nothing entertaining about that show..

even his intro with the different sound bites from various historical events after you hear it one or two times is lame

note to WTAM = send Frantz back to toledo

note to Frantz = take the new school board head found out on 19 Action news to have numerous financial problems/run ins with the law

Ben said...

Frantz is very entertaining and far better than Springer was in that slot. Frantz is always knowledgable and prepared for his show. I actually turn off my XM radio to listen to him.

But Bob, the new montage is far less enjoyable than the original. play it for a few more days to save face then switch back.

Anonymous said...

I just liked the fact he kept his old theme song after all these years in that old montage (which was a MCW song, BTW). He's used that instrumental since 2000.

- Nathan Obral

Anonymous said...

WSPD is falling apart and having a news reporter like milikin on the air when he's afraid to take a side on anything will just add to the decline.

They screwed up big time when they let franz get away, he had great ratings and was the most entertaining guy they had.