Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Golic?

We're not sure if it is leading to anything permanent, or what prompted it, but Media-Com talk WNIR/100.1 afternoon drive host Bob Golic has his wife, Karen, aboard as a co-host on his show today on the Akron market talk station.

We heard someone ask about her presence on the show this afternoon, and we got the idea that they might find some sort of on-air role for her...if not necessarily co-hosting the show with her husband.

Mrs. Golic once filled in for her former Cleveland Browns star/husband on his Saturday afternoon show, while Bob was busy with TV duties for a WOIO/19 pre-season Browns telecast...


JimOhio said...

the show cannot be made worse

currently the show is boring as
the bob "mr toledo" frantz show..

not much you can do to make the bob golic show worse, short of replacing him with bob "mr toledo" frantz

note to bob frantz: are you still singing the praises of the newly appointed cleveland schoool chief that was busted as a checkbouncer

Anonymous said...

The Bob Golic show is interesting and informative. The man has more common sense than most people. His wife Karen makes a refreshing diversion when she is on the show. Keep up the good work Bob.

Mike C.
Alliance Ohio