Tuesday, July 01, 2008

WOIO/WUAB Cuts Off-Air Staffers

UPDATE 7:47 PM 7/1/08: We've gotten some new, very credible information on this, and it appears the total number of layoffs between the two areas mentioned is 6, with another couple of employees moving to part-time status.

We wanted to clarify this quickly, to make sure those who are still employed are not concerned that additional layoffs (beyond the 6) are coming. As far as we know, this is it for now.

The original item below did say "as many as 13", due to a little uncertainty to the exact number.

We've edited the header for this item as well, to reflect the new reality. We've also republished this item to move it to the top of the current news scroll.

--The Management


We've heard the rumblings about this, but OMW can now confirm those rumblings.

Sources inside Reserve Square tell us that as many as 13 off-air employees (see new information above about number) at Raycom Media CBS/MyNet combo WOIO/19-WUAB/43 have lost their jobs as of late last week.

We hear the job casualties hit, among other areas, master control operators and studio crew members.

It's a tough economy for broadcasters.

Those TV and radio outlets who haven't laid off workers yet are expected to do so at some point, especially if the economy continues going into the proverbial dumper...in Northeast Ohio and across the nation. And more layoffs are possible down the road even for those outlets which have already cut staff.

As we hear separately - but haven't confirmed - that at least a couple of local radio broadcasters are also involuntarily out of their jobs, we once again offer a service to them or anyone.

OMW is always available for "Situation Wanted" advertisements, and certainly, for that matter, "Help Wanted" advertisements.

Both are offered free of charge.

And we also offer a "blind box" style ad for those who don't wish to put their name and contact information out there in public. OMW is read by those with hiring power at many area broadcast operations, and we'll gladly act as an intermediary if need be. As always, we offer confidentiality.

We all have to pull together, as members of the local broadcast community, to make this rough ride as smooth as possible...

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