Tuesday, July 01, 2008

BAS Takes Over Findlay's WPFX

An OMW reader in the region tells us that BAS Broadcasting has taken over one of the stations it acquired from Clear Channel earlier this year - WPFX/107.7 North Baltimore, the Findlay-area station that flipped from rock "The Fox" shortly before the sale to AC "My 107.7".

The "Fox" rock format then scooted over to WBUK/106.3 Ottawa OH, near Lima, formerly oldies outlet "The Big Buck".

The reader in the Findlay area mentions that WPFX has been off the air "since yesterday".

When it returns, is WPFX destined to become the latest BAS outlet running ABC Radio/Citadel's 24/7 "Hits and Favorites" satellite network under the "Eagle 107.7" moniker?

We don't know. That's just pretty safe, educated speculation based on BAS' past history with both the format and the name in places like Mount Vernon and Fremont...with the company's "Eagle 99.1" just up the road from the new 107.7.

To put it bluntly, the bottom-line and sales-oriented BAS isn't exactly the most creative broadcaster.

BAS also bought Clear Channel's Sandusky stations in the transaction, and it's been operating those stations for a while now.

No word on what this means for Tiffin's WTTF/1600, the other station outside Sandusky in this transaction...

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