Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Other BAS Shoes Drop

Thanks to the folks at AllAccess, we can "clear the books" on the Findlay/Tiffin side of the BAS Broadcasting purchases from Clear Channel.

The trade site reports that BAS is flipping both WPFX/107.7 North Baltimore/Findlay and WTTF/1600 Tiffin to different owners.

A company called Toledo Radio, headed by someone AllAccess identifies as Daniel Dudley, picks up the station that has been known as AC "My 107.7" for a cool million bucks. The company name is interesting, though we'd have to run it past our experts (paging Mr. Scott Fybush!) to determine if WPFX has a shot at becoming even a far southern Toledo rimshot.

On the Tiffin side, AllAccess says Tiffin Broadcasting, LLC, headed by one Dudley Stephen, is buying WTTF/1600 for $500,000, and that BAS will continue to run the station via LMA.

We missed it, apparently, but BAS did take over WTTF earlier this year. We're told by those who did keep track that the station's staff was trimmed, and that outside of a local morning drive show, WTTF runs - wait, try to guess this! It's not hard! - the same ABC Radio/Citadel "Timeless Favorites" standards/soft AC format run by BAS' WLEC/1450 Sandusky.

As for WPFX, we have no idea who Daniel Dudley is, or what his plans are for the station. But since he's not BAS Broadcasting, it may mean a different fate for the station than becoming AC "Eagle 107.7", running the ABC/Citadel "Hits and Favorites" format.

We were wondering if BAS would have run the same route, with 107.7's listening area pretty well covered by the company's existing WFRO/99.1 Fremont and its "Eagle 99.1" AC format. But now...a different road, we presume...


74WIXYgrad said...

My question is, will Dudley do right?


Chris said...

I think Dan Dudley owned Buzz 106.5 back in the day, and maybe even 97.3.

david5258 said...

yeah, once again he will save Nell from Dick Dastardly (CC)

dbajo said...

Dan Dudley was GM at WDJB in fT Wayne in the early 90's. After that he was the owned BUZZ 106.5 in Toledo.