Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Really Angry About It

Budget cuts have done it again in Cincinnati - split radio's "Angry Guys".

Cincinnati Enquirer radio/TV guru John Kiesewetter reports that one half of the morning drive duo, Richard Skinner, has been cut loose by Cumulus rock WFTK/96.5 "96 Rock" due to budget concerns. His partner in morning radio anger, Tom Gamble, remains - with someone who doesn't sound like an angry male, sidekick "Sister Karen".

Though Kiese reports that Skinner had just agreed to a new deal in October, and was working out the terms, he's not "angry" at all, calling Cumulus management "great people to work for":

"It's frustrating. Twice I've been part of a successful product on radio, but just the victim of circumstances. It's just an unfortunate situation in radio right now."

The earlier victimization came a few years ago, when Clear Channel sports "Homer" split the "Angry Guys" - moving Gamble to sister WLW/700 to replace the ousted Andy Furman on "SportsTalk". Then the company let Skinner go from the "Homer" morning drive show. Gamble didn't stay long with WLW, which eventually brought in Enquirer sports columnist Paul Daugherty to do "SportsTalk".

The "Angry Guys" were brought back together on the same 96.5 frequency Skinner now leaves, only under the former "SuperTalk" format. Furman, of course, had been brought on for afternoon drive at "SuperTalk", and was dumped with the format change to rock.

Furman ended up doing morning commentaries at oldies WDJO/1160 across town, though if he's still doing so, we can't find him on the "Oldies 1160" website. Maybe there's no room for Furman's pieces after WDJO picked up ABC News Radio's Paul Harvey.

And to tie it all together, 1160 was sports talk WBOB when the "Angry Guys" - two local sportswriters - first started doing radio.

And Kiese doesn't need a crystal ball to predict this:

With no more political advertising, and the economy crashing, don't be surprised to see more layoffs and cutbacks in broadcasting and all media.

Any wonder why it's getting to be a downer writing about the media?

This "beat" is starting to feel like doing the obituary section...

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