Monday, December 01, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: "K-Rock" Broken

Just a few months after losing its high-profile morning star to a crosstown competitor, it appears major changes are being heard at CBS Radio alt-rock WKRK/92.3, the Cleveland market station known - apparently until today - as "K-Rock".

The station is now playing continuous alt-rock music without benefit of any air personalities, and is now using the on-air identifier "radio 92.3" in occasional recorded liners.'s news page reports that WKRK was one of two stations that dumped CBS/XM syndicated morning stars "Opie and Anthony" today. (WBCN in Boston was the other.)

New York-based O&A moved into 92.3's morning drive slot from a delayed afternoon drive clearance, after Shane "Rover" French bolted for Clear Channel rock WMMS/100.7 with his "Rover's Morning Glory" show earlier this year.

A quick run to the station's website reveals a new minimal website with the "radio 92.3" logo, with just two links: "listen live" and "feedback". There are no references to any of "K-Rock's" on-air personalities, which have included program director "Nard". Radio-Info reports that the station has dumped "all live DJs".

And just a couple of weeks ago, CBS Radio named AC WDOK/102.1 "Soft Rock 102.1" and hot AC WQAL/104.1 "Q104" programmer Dave Popovich as director of programming for the entire Cleveland cluster, including WKRK.

The music mix on WKRK may be slightly different than what's been heard over the airwaves until today.

We haven't confirmed it, but we hear rumblings that the main air signal now features the format that has been airing on 92.3's HD2 channel (seemingly verified by the "radio 92.3" page's title - "WKRK2"). Since we've long said that we're not the best source for examining changes in music playlists, we'll have to leave it to others for a bead on "radio 92.3"'s new music mix...


Tony Mazur said...

Another Cleveland radio station without a sense of identity or direction. Way to go, CBS.

Richard said...

I tried to listen. Shocking. Horrible. Gone the way of The End. And it happened just like it did at The End-- when they started playing Metallica.

Norm said...

While I do sympathize with the on-air staff who lost their jobs, I must say the musical selections are a step up from the meathead rock, WMMS-wannabe playlists which dominated the station over the last eight to 10 months.

jaydee said...

hello all,
i grew up in the cleveland area in 70's and 80's and i sure remember 107.9 the end from the 90's alot and miss that station. cleveland radio market is always been good with radio stations that knew what they were doing. now for me, i included the akron/caton market as well in the cleveland area and for a good reason. they have good radio stations down there as well. comments on the 4 rock-style formats in the cleveland area. 1 . cbs radio wkrk 92.3 - don't like what you are doing now, you should have brought back the 107.9 the end image somehow to your station, after you lost rover's morning glory show to wmms. clear channel wmms 100.7 -some of the music is good on wmms, but they also have talk alot of wmms and i wont be listening to that at all, i want music on a music station not talk, clear clannel, stop screwing around with wmms 100.7 - you had something good going before you started to mess with it. cbs radio, wncx - 98.5 what an excuse for a classic rock station, no morning show, never was one,( howard stern not included) and the same 100 songs over and over again, dont say that is true i looked it up my self. how about being back wgcl G-98 fm back as a classic top 40 station, classic rock is not being down right at all in cleveland. and finally clear clannel wrqk 106.9 fm (arkon/caton area)- only thing about this station i dont like is the bob & tom show. bob and tom = BORING!!!!! their music and playlist are great. sounds something like the end, close but not exactly. even though i live in tennessee, i listen to the cleveland, akron/canton radio market every day. to chat about and e-mail about cleveland ohio radio and tv. THANKS!!!!!

duffylou said...

I think the changes are for the better. Music selections from different genres and decades keep the play list fresh. I'm so happy not to be listening to the same songs all day, over and over on a loop. I must admit I still listen to Rover in the morning, but at 11:00, the dial is turning to 92.3.