Friday, April 24, 2009

Ted Henry Retires: His Letter To Co-Workers

Here's retiring anchor Ted Henry's letter to his colleagues at WEWS:


Dear Friends,

After lengthy consideration, I have come to the major decision that this is the right moment of my life to retire. My last day will be May 20th.

I leave with feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment and with expectations for an enjoyable retirement of continued learning. I also leave with nostalgia for all my friends and experiences during my 44 years in the broadcasting industry in Northeastern Ohio, especially the last 38 years with the E. W. Scripps Company at TV5. While we still have the energy to do so, my wife Jody and I would like to spend more time traveling the world in order to pursue our most absorbing interest, which has long been our hobby. We seek, meet, and interview reputed wise or 'holy" people of all cultures and wisdom traditions.

In a way this is continuing my urge to explore, discover and share, which always prompted me in my profession. We look forward to this as a never ending adventure into unknown and exciting realms which are especially relevant to us at this stage in our lives.

This is the work I now want to continue and expand, the way in which I'd like to use my journalistic skills for upliftment. It is our hope that in time, this wisdom trove might be helpful to all who are interested.

I do expect retirement to be an adjustment, especially since I will miss seeing all of you every day. The friends and mentors I have benefited from are irreplaceable, and I appreciate every laugh and discovery we have shared together. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every day of my work, especially due to the wonderful folks I have been blessed to know.

The Northeastern Ohio audience has graced me enormously in allowing me the career I began daydreaming about at the age of seven when I saw Dorothy Fuldheim commenting on the news on TV5 when my family bought our first television set.

My nearly four decades with E. W. Scripps at TV5, have granted me first hand experiences of history and notable personalities both here and around the world. These have been life changing and rewarding experiences I would not have had otherwise and will never forget. I consider myself most fortunate as each year has been an expansion in growth and realization far beyond my childhood dreams.

I am exceedingly grateful to E. W. Scripps, to all of my WEWS-TV mentors over the years, to all friends and colleagues and to the Northeastern Ohio viewing public. It's been an incalculable privilege and lots of fun!

With warmest regards to all,

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74WIXYgrad said...

Fine letter from a seemingly very classy guy(I met his parents, but never him).

Now I suppose you can put out the "gone fishin'" sign.