Monday, April 27, 2009

THIS JUST IN: Triv Loses Two At WTAM

OMW hears that Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 Cleveland afternoon drive host Mike Trivisonno has lost the services of two long-time show staffers.

Out the door at Oak Tree, presumably due to budget cuts, are producer/sidekicks Paul Rado and Marty Allen.

Rado joined the Triv show staff, if we're remembering right, when he offered up his impression of former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell to the show. He's also hosted some of the station's weekend sports talk shows.

"Big Daddy" Marty Allen has been with Trivisonno since their days at then-talk WERE/1300 (now Radio One talk/brokered WERE/1490).

Triv broke into the professional end of the radio business reading sports on the old WNCX/98.5 morning drive show - the one right before WNCX became Cleveland's Howard Stern affiliate. WNCX and WERE were sister stations at the time.

OMW is also hearing, at least at "rumbling" level, that more layoffs are expected at Oak Tree tomorrow.

We've actually expected such moves, which we were told a week ago were expected to involve both on-air and off-air employees...but we don't have any handle on how many may be let go at Oak Tree - or elsewhere within Clear Channel - tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Wow. How can Triv fill up his 15 minutes or so of airtime per hour now?

And yes, Rado joined the show by doing an Art Modell impression. He also did some assorted work for WKNR during the Jacor ownership in 1998, including updates and co-hosting a "producers" show with Triv's original call screener, Jerry Jaye.


david5258 said...

the three musketeers down to one?>
who will hawk mr chicken?
who will look things up for triv on the puter?
personnally i will miss the interchange between triv, bigdaddy and superserb. all are talented, i hate to see marty and paul move out.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Marty has been with Triv since he first got the job at what was then 3WE like 14 years ago. I've worked with him and Marty is a great guy and a consummate pro. Marty has brought more to the Triv show than most listeners would realize. What a shame.

74WIXYgrad said...

I'm sure that Triv isn't happy about the turn of events either. Someone will produce the show on the cheap and comedy bits will be outsourced.

Paul Rado is a good guy who connects well with the listeners.

andrew727 said...

Looks like the leaves are falling at Oak Tree!

- Andrew, -

Jake said...

Anyone who thinks "Rado The Puppet" truely offered anything to this show is a bigger puppet than this fat piece of nothing. Rado now must think privately that he allowed himself to make a fool out of himself for the sake of continuing the lies and distortions of this republican, propaganda controlled radio station that serves nothing but big business and screws the middle class. Hey Rado--why don't you go and ask Triv who bought him out recently for him to change his mind on Casino gambling? Triv's opinion has been bought and paid for--The scabs know that Triv's listenin audience is nothing more that a bunch of idiots that have no mind of their own--Good riddance Rado, and may you be able to take, old bought and paid for, Triv along with you so we me finally get someone legitimate talking on the radio.

Cleveland Bob said...

Jake nails it.

WTAM should stick to sports. Their right wing Obama hatefest is losing listeners by the hour. A caller the other day accused Trivisonno of being a right wing shill and he erupted back at the caller. Whores can be touchy when you point fingers at their pimp.

As for Marty and Rado, PR could be funny at times, but this show is fast headed for the boneyard.

Bully Bob Frantz can't be too enthralled with these developments either...

Good riddance say I.

Pete C. said...

Touchy Touchy Jake & Bob. You liberals just can't stand to here the truth. And 0h yea, Obama (the idiot) is doing a great job isn't he. Hold onto your wallets its coming soon. In fact check out the Waxman Bill (can you say $ 3100.00 tax per family ?).. You 2 guys are idiots just like our new president and his fool vp.. Have a nice day and Triv will keep you straight, better yet why don't you call him ? Chicken ??