Thursday, May 21, 2009

DTV Season Into High Gear

Like the upcoming Memorial Day weekend usually signals the start of the mythical Summer Driving Season, today apparently signals the start of the Official DTV Transition - We're Serious About This, We're Really Going To Do This Now - Season...with the June 12th transition date just weeks away.

Local TV stations in Northeast Ohio are indeed joining along with a nationwide DTV "soft test", interrupting their analog signals three times today to urge viewers to, well, make their own transition.

More in our Ohio Digital TV blog...

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PolarBear said...

I commented on the DTV blog as well, but at 7AM all stations except WBNX, WEAO and WVPX had the DTV test message. Also, WJW just ran a hot pink crawl over their newscast.

My TWC has all the digital versions of the channels, except for WVIZ, where I saw the test message at 7:30. I'll have to check again at 6:30.

Also, what I thought was odd is WKYC. It looks like WKYC's analog feed is still on TWC, but it didn't go off during the test. I had one TV with an antenna going and I noticed the DTV crawl just before the test on 3 OTA looks the same as the crawl on 3 on TWC. But WKYCHD had an entirely different looking crawl. That made it look like WKYC is still using the analog feed.