Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WKYC/WVIZ Tower Nearly Done

It's now three weeks from what appears to be the final digital TV transition date, June 12th, when all full-power analog signals in the United States will sign off for good.

And work on one new local digital TV transmission tower appears to be up to speed.

Check out the pictures, and more, here on our Ohio Digital TV sister site...


Mike Golch said...

Maybe that the signals will be comming in better than they do now.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that these are the one of the two stations that come in the best NOW in Akron.

I've never been able to get WVIZ in digital, but since the spring has brought leaves to the trees I have lost enough signal to no longer be able to tune in Channels 5 and 43. Channel 55 is marginal. Channel 19 is marginal in poor weather and channel 8 gets iffy from time to time.

The only channels I get in all weather conditions is 3 and 49.

I'll be glad to have Channel 25 (now I can get my Sunday night Red Green fix), but I'll be more interested in seeing what "FULL POWER" for all stations brings to the Akron area's digital reception.

Andrew said...

Good, maybe in about another week I'll finally get to see what the heck is on WVIZ-DT. Their "Grade B" contour for their 10KW temporary site is extremely exaggerated. Their contour for their 1KW facility was grossly exaggerated too from what I've been told via a friend of mine who lives in Parma. He had a hard time receiving their 1KW signal!
I reside in central Geauga County, which is supposedly well inside of their coverage area. WVIZ-DT on RF 26 barely shows up on the S-Meter on my converter box! I'm sure that having fairly strong analog signals on RF 25 and RF 27 is not doing me any favors.

Andrew said...

I'll say this anyway even though probably no one will read this.

I'd be willing to be that WVIZ will not fire up their full power digital until June 12th. WVIZ's construction permit was recently modified to match the information that was in their "maximization" application. Many of these maximization applications upon being granted have had the stipulation of not being allowed to implement until after the transition date. This was the case for both WTOV and WNEO, but they both filed for STA's which allowed them to operate post transition. I would be very surprised if WVIZ even bothered to file a STA considering the transition date is so close.

Anonymous said...

well ww just lost both of our digital signals, from both wkyc and wviz, did we lose only these two signals because of this tower?

Ohio Media Watch said...

Stephan, that may well be a sign that they are working on the new antennas today.

The WKYC DT 2 antenna is on the original tower, right next to the where the new one will go...and for that matter, the temporary WVIZ-DT antenna is just over on a nearby tower.

I get the idea that WVIZ really wants to get this going, re: their June 5th estimated date for wanting the early post-transition full-power.

-The Management

Anonymous said...

I have the WOW Basic Cable and
when it comes to Friday nights,I
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