Friday, May 29, 2009

RTN's Second Cleveland Market Affiliate

NORTH CANTON, OHIO --Well, technically, Image Video LPTV combo WIVM-LP 52 Canton/WIVN-LP 29 Newcomerstown/Dover/New Philadelphia and WIVX-LP 65/Loudonville is actually the first Retro Television Network affiliate in Northeast Ohio.

While waiting for the announced June 1st flip of Media-Com LPTV combo WAOH-LP 29 Akron/W35AX 35 Cleveland to RTN programming, OMW got word that the WIVM/WIVN/WIVX folks beat "The Cat" to the RTN switch.

The Canton-based stations launched the new RTN (RTV?) programming Friday afternoon at 1:30, and a drive down I-77 South with our Remote Viewing Equipped OMW Mobile confirmed the switch.

We're not sure how the move affects local programming on either "The CAT" or WIVM et al.

Earlier Friday, we saw the new RTN feed on WIVM and company relaying RTN's showing of "The Incredible Hulk", though the TitanTV schedule for WIVM had "The Royle Touch" (a locally produced painting show).

But just this 8 PM hour, WIVM cut from the RTN schedule to air the long-running local religious program "Plus or Minus 60" with Canton religious TV veteran Denny Hazen and his wife Marge.

We get the idea that there is a good deal of local flexibility built into the RTN schedule.

But we don't know if WIVM will continue to do a TV simulcast of talk WHBC/1480's morning drive show hosted by Fred Chenevey and Pam Cook. And we don't know if "The CAT", when the Kent-based LPTVers take RTN next week, will continue to air various local call-in shows in the early evening hours.

Yes, we mean you, Steve French, whenever you come back from your vacation... well deserved, we're sure, for being a prime factor in the number one ratings of that WNIR morning show with Stan What's-His-Name-The-Dirty-Joke-Guy, Jim The-Guy-Who's-Not-Steve and Maggie Who's-She-How-Did-A-Woman-Get-In-Here.


(We kid...we kid...)

At least from the WIVM side of this, we expect more answers coming soon...which we'll post here in our next update on the topic...


emery_r said...

It's my understanding that RTN (or RTV?) custom-tailors the shows broadcast in each market by their affiliates -- my assumption is that it is a combination of choice by the local station, and perhaps legalities regarding who has rights to specific series in each markets.

Anyway, we still don't have any TitanTV program listings for Cincinnati affiliate WOTH/25.3, and it's probably been 2 months since the channel began airing. A little detective work showed that the listings for Johnstown PA affiliate WJAC/6.2 appeared to duplicate those of our Cincy low power station:

firebird said...

Supposedly, Channels 35 & 29 will not be showing RTV 24/7. A memo has surfaced with other programming that will also be seen on The CAT.

CSI: Stow – A highly skilled team of detectives investigate the disappearance of all of the Snuggies from Broadcast Park.

Bob Earley: Fashion Designer - Bob discusses the latest hair styles that a real man would not be caught sporting, but he would. The second half of the show answers that never ending question, “Do these earrings make me look like a girly man?”

Kaiser Bill & Pals - Join your favorite cartoon host and all of his cartoon pals!

The Real Men Show – Three men are on a journey to restore America to its former glory and rid the country of girly men and liberals. Starring Howie Chizek, Bob Golic and Old Prospector.

Queen For A Day – Also hosted by Bob Earley. Today’s special guest is Barney Frank.

The New Three Stooges Show – Follow the wacky antics of 3 fun loving guys and their quest to survive during these difficult economic times. Starring Goober, Mantua Man and Couch Burner.

We Wear Short Shorts – Two women in a wet T-shirt contest. Starring Maggie Fuller and Daisy Duke.

Sports Talk with Steve French - Hey, we’re already paying him. Tonight Steve and OMW discuss the chances of the Browns winning the Super Bowl sometime in our lifetimes.

Vacation Homes of the Rich & Famous – Join your host, Tom Erickson, as he visits the vacation homes of your favorite WNIR personalities. On tonight’s show, special guest Bob Vila shows you how to install the wheels on your vacation home so you can be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.

Eyewitness Action News Center – Anchored by the Emmy, Oscar, and Tony Award Winning team of Jim Midock and Phil Ferguson. A special investigative report on tonight’s broadcast: “Who Stole The Kishka?”

Learn English with Bennie Da Bookie - With the influx of non-English speaking people in the area, you too can learn to communicate with Americans using the Bennie Da Bookie method.

Anonymous said...

Steve French announced this morning that his show WILL air tonight.


He's in the hottest spot on the line-up, sandwiched in between Dragnet and Quincy.

Write your own joke.

Two Jacks and __________?