Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Public Service to WNIR Talk Show Hosts

When Media-Com Akron market talker WNIR/100.1 switched from CBS Radio News to ABC News Radio's Information network last year, we wonder if ABC was aware that WNIR talk show hosts get to the top-of-the-hour network newscast when they're good and ready. And they've been doing so...for years.

After hearing WNIR afternoon driver Bob Golic join an ABC newscast nearly 40 seconds late the other day, we decided we needed to provide WNIR with some help.

Here ya go, Broadcast Park...a free link courtesy of your friends at OMW:

The official U.S. time - clock

On any Internet-connected computer, this website provides the exact, U.S. government atomic-powered clock time...accurate to within two tenths of a second. We've even given the link to the Java-powered clock for the Eastern time zone.

Since we know that WNIR's in-studio computers are "powered by RoadRunner" cable modem service, the station now officially has no excuse for missing the start of the ABC top-of-the-hour newscast...


lovethebiz said...

Are they attempting to "back time" into the newscast? If so, why not record the feed that, I'm pretty sure, comes down maybe as much as 10 to 15 minutes before the top of the hour and then just play it back when they get to it. The common listener won't know it's 20, 30 or 40 seconds past the top of the hour and it won't sound as ridiculous as joining the broadcast already in progress...

Ohio Media Watch said...

Good question, LTB.

As far as we know, the ABC "Information" network newscast is only available live at top of the hour.

ABC feeds any number of newscasts before the hour, even back to :45 after. But the newscast that WNIR carries is not one of them.

And even it was, WNIR would likely have to manually record it. While we believe sister AM daytimer WJMP/1520 is automated using (if we heard right) Scott Studios equipment, we're pretty sure WNIR itself is still using carts.

In 2006.

With a modern automation system, even in live-assist mode, WNIR would even be able to join the ABC Information Network newscast "live", whenever they wanted, with a digitally-recorded delay...i.e. the audio could start at 00:50 from the start of the newscast, with no one knowing aside from those of us with exact time clocks...


Pat Cloonan said...

Interesting. I think CBS-owned KDKA in Pittsburgh has the same problem at times at night. The station runs local news all day long, with reports sometimes missing KD's legendary on-the-hour tone for up to a full minute (or more). It's no problem during the day, as local rolls into local, but at night one sometimes gets a CBS anchor late. The 10-second delay for the station talk shows actually helps get into the network, but not always.

Anonymous said...

The ABC I Network offers a 2 minute newscast at :45.

To get the full 5 minute cast, you need to hit the :00 mark.

Face it, WNIR does not care, nor does the average listener. WNIR has been getting ratings for years with crappy audio, muddy carts, poor backtiming, talking over jingles, Cruddy Phone caller audio, and live broadcasts over alligator clips on phone lines.

Radio stations bust their humps all the time to sound big market, but who really cares? Not an WNIR listener that's for sure.

Johnny Morgan said...

Let's count the number of times WNIR hosts have come out of an ad right into the ABC (or CBS) news--without a legal ID.

lovethebiz said...

(About the I Network 2:00 newscast)...Is the 5:00 really all THAT much better?!?!?!? If it (2min.) offers a chance to record and play back thus avoiding crashing into the live newscast at the top of the hour, I think it might be worth looking into changing networks. They'll be able to keep Harvey(if they run him). Does someone else in the market run the Direction or Entertainment package?

(About not caring about what their station sounds like)...Well, if you're getting top ratings and making serious cash, I guess you could easily argue 'what else matters?' I get that but I don't necessarily agree with it. If you can sound better with a little more effort, you should. You owe it to your advertisers and your listeners.

(As for the listeners not caring)...Those listeners are a dieing breed. I mean literally, they're dieing. With new competition for listeners emerging almost daily, you need to be at the top of your game.
At some point, even the most successful stations need to attract new listeners and new listeners will be less forgiving of your little nuances.

I don't mean to sound 'preachy', just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Bill Hall bought an atomic clock for that very reason at WNIR. Having worked there at a time the missing I.D. wasn't an issue but, times can change.

Anonymous said...

...at least Finan isn't talking over the recorded commercials & news anymore

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys and gals have something else to worry about ?
Cheez... Get a job. make money.. pay taxes( yes.. become republican)